A Reason to Change the Season!

I started out this Christmas season with a great start.  I thought I had my head on straight this year.  Things were going to be different.  Things were going to be about “The Reason for the Season”, as they say.  It’s not that they never were, but when we had kids we got wrapped up in giving them what they want instead of what they need.  For that matter, what others need.

Well Lord, my eyes have been opened.  Last year we changed a little and decided this year would be 3 presents only.  We thought that was about receiving less and more about how our 3 gifts we receive are like the 3 presents that Christ received.  You know, just like in the bible.  Ok, we got my overspending guilt a little less guilty.  Then, I found Ann Voskamp.  I had no idea who she was, or that she would change my perspective on the Lord forever.

I first read her words from a link on Twitter.  Wow, the things I’ve learned thru links on that place.  Of course the title of the retweeted blog post caught my eye and I just Had to divulge.   This post changed my life.  No really.  It sounds silly or maybe too profound.  But I sat there reading it aloud to my husband sobbing, realizing that this child was right.  Ann was right, children really do teach men.  They are so innocent and we are so much more tainted.
You HAVE to read this post.  You just have to.  So STOP, go over here and read it.  Then come back :)

I realized right away that we needed to change what we thought Christmas was.  It was so obvious, but somehow I was a deer in headlights when I read this.  Now, we have kids 6, 4 and 2.  We have chosen to let them believe in Santa, and I have no intention of killing that dream.  But we will not make Santa the reason for this special time of year.  He’s just a fun added bonus.  Since I had this change of heart less than a month ago, I didn’t think we could change our plans that much for this year.  We are sticking to the 3 present rule we started with and are still doing our Happy Birthday Jesus party for breakfast.
I think that next year we’ll open all presents but Santas the night before.  That way on Christmas morning we can focus more on our saviors birth.  We can hopefully be less consumed with gifts we’ve received and thankful for what we have and who gave us this special gift of life. 

I also found this other wonderful post from her,  Ten Things to Do on Christmas Morning: When All the Gifts are For Him.  

I really encourage you to read these two posts from her.  For that matter, just dive into her blog over here, A Holy Experience.  I promise you’ll get lost in her words written from God for hours.

What are you doing to make this Christmas more about Jesus?


  1. Jessica Heights says:

    Ann truly is an incredible soul…it's amazing to be in her presence!

    You'll love her book…it's AMAZING!

  2. Hi Leigh….I missed that post on Anne's blog..thanks for sharing. It definitely does make me stop and think.

    I wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and I pray that it is filled with Many Many Special Memories and Blessings. ~ God Bless

    Anne @

  3. Thank you both friends. Happy late New Year to yall. It's on my list to go pick up Ann's book, although I never seem to finish books. We'll see.

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