Blissdom’12 You Gotta Know {Linky Party}

I'm Going, Y'all! - Blissdom

Definition of BLISS: complete happiness

Definition of -dom (as a noun suffix): a state of being

so BLISSDOM=A State of Being in Complete Happiness!

That’s the simple way of putting what Blissdom is all about. You will be in Bliss for 3 Days! And probably when you get home as well. I’m not sure that the ‘high’ and surge of energy wears off fast if at all. Blissdom ’11 was my first conference and my first Blissdom. I walked away a changed person, woman, and blogger.

I was worried about clothes, not knowing anyone in real life and just being accepted. (As I’m sure we ALL do.) I listened to those Blissdom veterans tell me all the info I needed and I followed a lot of it. I brought clothes that made me look good, made me look like me and were comfy. I definitely brought too many clothes, but I drove so I could do that. :)

I brought 250 business cards. Enough to hand out and throw on some tables. I even forgot to order them and had to print them on the computer at home. EEEEK, handmade cards??? Then, everyone loved them.

I’m here to tell you it’s NOT about the clothes, cards, or even who you know.

It’s about being yourself.

Being Confident in who you are, knowing that you will meet great people who you will bond with and create friendships and connections with.

Knowing that it’s ok if you have a laptop or a notebook, as long as you’re getting the info you want out of the session. Even if it’s one quote from a speaker or pages of notes.

Follow your heart at Blissdom. Follow who you are, who you want to be and why you’re here. You’ll have no problem fitting in. We all feel a little alone………..until you get to Blissdom!! I’m a Newbie Community Leader this year alone with Kristy and many more. Head over here for the Blissdom Official Link up. Also, Kristy and Meghan are having a linkup to get to know others.

If you’d like to link up a new post or an old post that’s helpful or encouraging for Blissdom Newcomers, please do. We all need some encouragement to step out of our comfort zone!


  1. Ahhh… going to Blissdom. So jealous. :) I’m just now going through my Relevant cards and thought I would check out your blog. I could probably use your design help on my own blog! Have fun at Blissdom.

  2. Hi Leigh!

    You were at Relevant in October too, right? I don’t know that we met but your name and face are familiar. This will be my first time at BlissDom. Driving in, from Tulsa, with hubby. I’m still slightly amazed that I get to go! It was a gift of grace from a fellow blogger. Really looking forward to it! My intro post is at

    • FunkyFaithGirl says:

      Beth Hi! Yes I was at Relevant too. Sorry if I missed you, it was a little overwhelming. I saw that you were blessed and that’s amazing!! I’ll hop over to your post soon to read and peruse. Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

  3. I make it a point to to join you in the Nashville photowalk at Blissdom.

    Thanks for leaving a kind welcome on Midnightblue.

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