What I’M Wearing To Blissom!

Gonna Get My Bliss On at Blissdom!

I know some of y’all, newbies or not, are nervous about what to wear to Blissdom this year. We are 23 days away- WOOT! Last year was my first year at Blissdom and I was so nervous too. As I’m sure you’ve heard you should wear something that is “you”, something you feel good in and comfortable shoes are a must. So to help ease your mind……and pocketbook. All of these outfits are things I actually own. The clothes are the closest I could find, but the accessories I mostly own. I usually stick to solids that I can combine easily to make a lot of different outfits. I also recommend layers since you may be hot in a crowded area and then cold inside a session. Adding an accessory or two in a different color can add just a punch or some depth to your outfit. These are just my style of accessories, you can go with whatever you have that you’re comfy with. A lot of my clothes in these pictures I got at Target so I didn’t spend a lot on them.   I hope you are more comfy with what you pick to wear and know that myself along with tons of other women will be there as friends and Community Leaders to welcome you with hugs!



  1. Thanks, Leigh. This helps! I am laying outfits out and was wondering exactly how many I ought to take. This helps a lot. Can’t wait to meet you!

    • FunkyFaithGirl says:

      Yes, last year I drove so I was lucky to be able to overpack clothes. This year I’m flying but still get to check 2 bags free so I like to bring extra outfits depending on how I’m feeling that day. Especially with my health lately, I might be a little sluggish :)
      Can’t wait to meet you too! I’d say one outfit for each day you’re there, plus one extra. Then a GNO dress or dressy shirt, and cute pjs for our night in. See you sooN!

  2. Thank you! I am a newbie worried about her clothes :) I know it’s silly, but it’s still so great to see examples. This is just adorable, and I love the orange scarf for some fun color.

    • FunkyFaithGirl says:

      I know we think it’s silly but it’s perfectly normal to worry about 1st impressions. If you break it down it’s really easy to be comfy and cute. Yes I tried to add in some orange since “tangerine” is the color of the year. Plus it’s just fun!!

  3. Such cute outfits!

  4. Eeek! They’re all so darn cute I can’t even stand it. You’re setting the bar pretty high, lady. :)

    Thanks for this – it’s so helpful to get an idea of what others are wearing.

    • FunkyFaithGirl says:

      Thanks! I promise, these outfits are just normal everyday outfits…..when I do get dressed at home. :) No bars to set, just my own personal taste and letting you know how easy it is. I wear a lot of the same things…jeans, accessories, solid colors, etc. Whatever you wear will be fine! :)

  5. Love that sparkly star top! So fun! I’m planning my wardrobe in my mind still. Trying to minimize shoes, but I’m sure I’ll still bring too many. I like having options. :)

    • FunkyFaithGirl says:

      Thanks girl! I got a similar one at Target for $5. :) And it covers my muffin top! Yes, most all of my shoes pack flat. :)

  6. love, love, love everything! So need to by new shoes but I HATE shoe shopping! I know, that is just not right. Thank for the great suggestions!~

  7. Cute!!!

  8. That’s awesome! I love how you laid that out….that would be SO helpful if I could do that!! I’m still thinking about what to wear….another five pounds before then would open up a WORLD of possibilities. Boo to you, post-pregnancy weight!! See you soon!

  9. I love to layer =) Thanks for sharing and making us feel less silly about our little worries!

  10. Great post! Last year was my first time at BlissDom and I was way too concerned about my “look”. I love the outfits you shared, especially those flowered shoes. They are awesome!

  11. CUTE!!! Lot’s of inspiration.

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