Capturing Your Kids {Candid Shots}

Capturing your kids is hard….now the candid shots are easy and fun. But when trying to get a decent picture for Christmas cards it’s seriously hit or miss. And let me tell you I mostly missed. Noah’s been having some hard days lately and this was definitely one of them. We brought out all the bribing we could for a good pic. Here are some while trying to get a good shot. Candid shots are more my favorite anyway.
Photography of Kids, Kids Christmas Pictures

Candid Kid Photos


Kid Poses, Photography of Kids

Apparently Gavin was tired of waiting.  LOL I seriously want to blow this picture up on a canvas it’s too edible and adorable. Or is that just me because he’s my baby??

Candid Kid Photos


Finally a decent one…..Cute Kid Photos

I did end up calling in the professionals though.  Since I’m a true photographer at heart and use to be professionally, I’m very picky about my pictures.  Plus who doesn’t love to capture their family once a year??  We have a good friend who does commercial photography and since he also has a child with ASD he takes friends pictures with ASD children as well.  He’s amazing with them and is completely talented.  I get them tomorrow and cannot wait to share them with you.  Eeeek.


  1. Love the one of your littlest man. Hilarious look on his face having to wait.

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