(Manual) Wordless Wednesday. Brothers

brothers hugs

Run hugs are the best!

New Look!! And Spring Break crazy!!


This is what spring break looks like at my house! *** Have you noticed the new digs around here!?? I love my new brand and I hope you do to check out my new about me page and some favorite posts of mine tell me what you think

Wordless Wednesday (Mini Bliss Dinner)


Woo Hoo! This last weekend I got to get out of my sick filled house and go out with friends.  Here’s me with 2 of my roomies for Blissdom.  (Stephanie, Me, Nicole.) We missed you Sean!!.…my last roomie who is in another city.  But only 3 weeks to go!!!

Decluttering {Wordless Wednesday}


This was my messy living area today in all of it’s glory.  I’ve been reading Jen Hatmaker’s book 7 and since finishing the possessions chapter I got my hiney in gear to start decluttering.  I’ve been meaning to do it for the past year, but we’re finally in motion now!  If I’m not using it currently, or it doesn’t have personal/monetary value to us, or we won’t use it when we move into a home then it’s gone.  Surprisingly this {Read More}

Manual Wordless Wednesday {Sweet}


Easter {Manual}Wordless Wednesday


It may not be a very good picture, but I have all three of my kids smiling at the same time in their Easter clothes! YAY!