the Christian Church, Sex and my BIG Sin.


Yep, that's me and my sweet husband. This is about 3 weeks after we started dating on New Years eve of 1999-2000. This is probably one of the hardest posts I've ever had to write. Ever. But I believe that people's words can make a difference, and I can hope that this helps someone somewhere. Hopefully to bring truth to light and make christian people in church a little less stuffy and a little more forgiving. I will probably lose friends, or readers, or followers or whatever. But who cares. It's why I write. I write for me and my beliefs. I'm writing  this post to bring what I feel is much needed attention to the fact that we should be focusing on forgiveness of everyone no matter what the sin.  I got this urge and need to write this post when I read Kristen's post "What I want my kids to know about sex" a couple of days ago. While I'm not writing about my kids, it is about the topic of Sex within the Church and how it seems to be not only shamed but it seems to be looked down … [Continue reading...]

Staycation East Dallas/East Texas

Have fun on YOUR Staycation for cheap or free!! I live east of Dallas, Texas.  I also love to do things with my kids that are cheap.  Who doesn't, right?  So, of course this year we're doing a staycation during our summer break.  There are tons of things to do and I wanted to highlight some of the stuff closest to us that you have to check out!!   AMF Bowling - Garland Lanes (other locations as well) **FREE for kids Free bowling for kids all summer long! Kids registered in the Summer Unplugged program can bowl two games per day, every day, all summer long! (Shoe rental not included.) Surf and Swim - Garland This is a smaller water park.  It has a sprayground for smaller children and a large beach entry wavepool for the bigger kids and adults.  It has grass areas for picnics and play.  You can also rent out areas for a party. (I'm pretty sure my 4 year old will be having his birthday party here!-Great prices!!!) Forney Community Park **Free This park is awesome!! … [Continue reading...]

Comfort, What it means to me. (5 Minute Friday)

family is comfort

Comfort. I use to say this word meant blankets, cozy pajamas and cold nights with hot chocolate. Then I got married. It then changed to slowly dancing in the dark, date nights at home and lovely embraces. Then I became a mother. Now comfort has taken on an entirely new meaning. It's squeeze hugs and sloppy kisses, it's coffee and snuggling my littles under a blanket, it's beating my husband in a game of battleship, it's long weekends outside with dirt and bikes. Comfort is so much more than I could ever imagine.  I not only describes how I feel, but who I am. I am now comfortable with who I am, where I am in life, and who I'm with.  My life is complete. It's amazing that one word could describe it so well. * I'm linking up with Lisa Jo. … [Continue reading...]

A Day in the life of THIS Bipolar Mom.


(source) I'm suffocating. My throat is closing up. I can feel my skin tightening, my head is pounding. I can feel the walls coming closer. They're closing in. The voices get louder and louder. They consume my head. My head feels heavy, like it might explode at any moment. I'm hot and can feel the blood boiling inside of me. "I take a deep breathe but there is no air left inside me. I'm now breathless, trying to grasp at some air. I now feel the weight on my shoulders." It's unmanageable. I have to get out. I have to run. I try to run but there's no escape. It surrounds me. Encases me and consumes me. Wait-I see a door. I run, as fast as I can, and slam the door behind me. I'm alone. Finally. The voices are finally faint. I can hear silence. My mind welcomes it and I breathe a sigh of relief. I collapse onto my bed and realize that I never made it that morning. I don't care and I roll up in the covers as if to escape to a far away paradise. One where all I … [Continue reading...]

Hello Monday- Cool Drinks, Decor Inspiration and HelloMornings

school field trip

This week I'm saying Hello to so many things! I had a pretty great and MUCH needed week off last week. Sorry about that...I didn't mean to be MIA. It just happened. But I'm back and ready to rock n roll. Hello Monday! My husband go to go with my daughter on her first field trip last week to a wildlife museum. It was like a mini date and they both had a great time! Hello Monday to warm weather again and and nice cool drinks!  I was having a rough mommy weekend and needed a "mini vacay" at walmart followed by an indulgent Starbucks Frappachino.  It was super of their new summer flavors. Hello to new decor!!! I'm rearranging my large living room area and finally putting in a desk/table.  Therefore I feel the need to freshen up some decor.  Trying to get outside the lines of my perfectionist painting techniques, I started a painting last fall.  I was bored with it already and taking some inspiration from Nester, I decided to just paint over it with some more airy … [Continue reading...]

5 Minute Friday, Dreaming of Friends

best friends

(yes,that's me on the left with my friend of 28 years!)   Friends. That's a powerful word. It seems to be thrown around to easily. To me, a friend is: someone who truly knows your heart. someone who doesn't judge your walmart knock off boots. someone who doesn't care if your hair hasn't been washed in days. someone who wants to get together with you, who makes time for you. Even if it is only online. A friend is someone who sees you for what's in your heart. They want to seek out what you feel in your soul, your hearts desires. True friends unfortunately, are also very rare. Especially with women these days.  We hold our hearts so close, maybe to closed as well. We judge to quickly, we judge to much, we judge too sinfully. I don't have many friends. Not ones I can truly say they know me, my heart, and want to grow with me through life. But I have faith in God. I have the best friendships mostly across the country. And even … [Continue reading...]

Hello Monday. Bring on the Sunshine.

Calendar Smashbook

Hello to this Sunshine filled Monday morning.  It was a beautiful weekend with a cool breeze and warm sun. Hello to flowers from my kids.  Their fun loving spirits always life me up and inspire me. YAY- Hello to some creative time in my smash books.  It's so much easier than scrapbooking!  And so fun for me. Well, I'm saying hello to a busy week writing and 2 events with friends.  YAHOO! What are you saying hello to this week? … [Continue reading...]

MINTED Business Cards Review & Giveaway


Sara is the Winner of the MINTED $50 credit. Congrats!! This was done through   Recently I came home from a conference that was amazing.  I always leave with different thoughts.  This time, I got to thinking about my direction in blogging, my place on the web, etc.  I'm sure we all do that. So as I've been tweaking my site to fit that new "me", as you can see, I knew that I needed new business cards. Again.  Yes, that's right, I'm a business card addict.  I like to change things up a lot anyway with my logo, but my bring fun colors stay the same. Anywho.....I was contacted by this new company I had heard of recently called Minted.  They have so many fabulous products.  I love their business cards, they have super cute notebooks for adults and kids, and of course stationary is lovely. Here are a couple of my favorite cards, but I cannot decide.  It might take me awhile. See, am I right?  They are all so different and distinct.  Go check … [Continue reading...]