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13 Easy Ways to Discover New Music

Lately, my iTunes has been boring me to death, so I’ve been on the prowl for some new music. After some exploring, we found some great ways to stumble upon some new listening, check them out:

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Pandora is pretty old news in the world of technology, but I always forget to use it, and I always forget how awesome it is. Choose an artist or song you’re in the mood for, and click to “like” your favorites, which diversifies the playlist and gives them a better understanding of your current tastes. 

The Hype Machine 

The Hype Machine scrounges the internet for favorite MP3s that have been making their way around to various music blogs and then plays them (according to your tastes) like a radio. It’s great for finding up-and-coming bands and getting access to music outside your local area. 

Music blogs

Pitchfork’s blog is extremely well-loved, but really any other music blog you enjoy and respect are great place to find new music. Not only are the articles dedicated to music news, reviews, and interviews, but they garner a lot of online commentary and participation that also gives exposure to a lot of good music. 

Walk Into a Record Store, and Talk To Someone

I know this seems very retro, but with all these apps and computers linking our likes and dislikes, we forget that there are actual people out there who know a lot about music and up-and-coming artists who may not have nationwide albums out yet. Check one out!

Popular platforms

If none of the above works for you, below are 9 well-known platforms that are always helpful in finding fresh music.

1. Spotify

Spotify offers a lot of great options for discovering new music, with personalized recommendations, and algorithmic suggestions tailored to your preferences. But this one is probably obvious to everyone nowadays.

2. Apple Music

Apple Music is another widely used source of all possible kinds of music. It features curated playlists, radio shows, and algorithmic recommendations.

3. Reddit – Music

Engage with a community of music enthusiasts on Reddit’s music-related sub-threads, where you can find new artists and tracks in the discussions and shared playlists.

4. Pitchfork

Focused solely on music, Pitchfork is a platform that provides reviews and suggestions across a wide range of genres. It’s a great source to keep your musical tastes up-to-date.


With, your listening habits are turned into customized recommendations tailored to your music history.

6. TasteDive

With TasteDive, you can discover new artists and genres through personalized suggestions for music based on your preferences.

7. Music-Map

Music-Map takes you on a journey through an interactive map of related artists, making it easy to explore musicians similar to your favorite.

8. Shazam

Shazam! identifies what song is playing right now, but it also conveniently provides links to streaming services, making it easy to discover and save new music.

9 . Bandcamp

Don’t limit yourself to mainstream music – check out Bandcamp, a platform that directly supports independent artists by showcasing and selling their music. With a wide range of genres and hidden gems, you’re bound to find something unique and exciting there.

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