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The 5 Hottest Zodiac Signs

What do you know about the hottest zodiac signs? We selected the top 5 of them, which of course doesn’t mean other signs are not hot, but these five have something that stands out and we tried to show what exactly.

Hottest zodiac signs

1. Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Scorpio is the hottest zodiac sign in the entire horoscope. You can’t deny the vibes that come from a Scorpio.

This Zodiac Sign worships every form of lovemaking, and when it comes to all things physically sensual, they are total masters in this field. Their sexual power is incredibly intense and they may even use this power to maintain their dominance in society at large.

When you are sharing your bed with a scorpion, he/she will become boosted with carnal energy, inspired to use new techniques and experiment with unusual things, all the while being completely tender.

They are so fond of trying new things in bed, that every time they proposition you with a new technique, they will leave you mesmerized. They will grow bored after performing in only one way, every single time, so are constantly in search of alternative ways to have sex.

In the entire zodiac, Scorpios are the one sign that gives their partner what they want. They always seduce their willing partner into performing what they want, and this in turn provides them great satisfaction, as this is what they desire too.

This zodiac sign always looks for a timeless and immortal relationship, to satisfy their needs. According to the zodiac, Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are sexually compatible with Scorpio. However, Scorpio may find that they will suffer with Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Leo.

2. Leo (JULY 23 – August 22)

Leo always tries to stretch and push boundaries.

You can have complete faith that this zodiac sign is the master of seduction. They are not so much into being creative in bed, but they will mesmerize you by doing whatever it takes to make you feel adored and experience yourself being worshipped during the act.

Leos have sex to release emotions and experience self-realization. They will unconsciously claim the limelight and will bask in this light, as their immensely magnetic sex appeal always places them there. When you are under the protection of a lion, you will find it impossible to be conscious of any negative side or weaknesses they might have.

This zodiac sign will take the lead in a relationship. If you want this sign to be faithful, and always return to dive into your pool of love, it is a pre-requisite that you have an enormous sex drive – if you don’t it may be better to cut them loose.

If you see this zodiac sign feeling wound up, and sulking at inappropriate times, then don’t hold back. Just keep alternating new creative ideas that you want to engage in with them. Lions rapidly get jealous if you talk about someone else in their presence.

Leo is compatible with Aquarius and Aries, but with Cancer and Scorpio, there could be serious concerns.

3. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

This zodiac sign always desires to be a superior companion in bed, with command and thirst for perfection. When it comes to selecting their mate, they take notice of every tiny thing and will make detailed assessments of the other person.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This zodiac sign likes to take the lead only when there is no one else to fill that position. You will always feel a vacuum when they are not present. They like their love interest to gradually reveal their desire over some time, and make gentle but persistent efforts to seek their attention.

If you are a firm believer in the theory that opposites attract then potentially there could be a practical alliance between the two zodiac signs Sagittarius and Cancer.

However there is a risk that their relationship could become argumentative, and the scales of power will be tipped too much on one side or the other. But at the end of the day, they can adapt and develop a peaceful cooperation.

The worst match for a Cancer in bed is with a Leo or a Scorpio, as they could either become too obsessed and possessive. Stifling one another, or there could be too much jealousy and suspicion leading to constant hostility.

And remember to never, ever, make fun of cancer’s sexual expression.

4. Libra (24 September – 23 October)

You will find them to be the most passionate among the sun signs when in love.

People who were born when the sun was in Libra were also born in the shadow of Venus, the planet of beauty and love. No zodiac sign can master seduction as expertly as a Libra can. They always desire to have the best of everything.

Not only while having sex, but also in life generally, they like to experiment with different things that arouse their curiosity. Libra’s can appear quiet and reserved, but when it comes to sex they demonstratively show what they are made of.

This zodiac sign enjoys being praised for its sexual talents. This is not a sign of them being selfish per se, but it does give them great pleasure and boosts their confidence.

A Libra indeed does need your support to boost their confidence, as generally, they are going beyond what they normally give, to give you what you want, because they love like no other. In a relationship with Libra, maintain your independence and let them keep theirs, as this preserves Libra’s interest in you. If they feel smothered by you, they grow bored.

This zodiac sign creates surprisingly successful partnerships with egotistical zodiac signs like Leo and Aries.

5. Aries (March 21 to April 20)

If you come across an energetic and passionate lover, then it will be an Aries.

They always love to express themselves with openness and are bold about their feelings for their partner. Sometimes they may come across as rude, but this is because they always need to take the initiative. They are compelled to always do their best and will do whatever it takes to create an unrivaled experience for their partner.

They are always playing the attention seeker. Their journey from dating to being within a fully-fledged physical relationship is very rapid. Don’t get distracted or start to stagnate in your relationship with an Aries. Once they see you are losing interest, they will become disinterested and waste no time looking elsewhere.

For Aries, there is only one zodiac sign with whom they can create a perfect bond, and that is none other than Libra – because opposites attract. The relationship Aries has with Libra is long-lasting and the experience is one of security and stability.

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