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6 Reasons Why Women Should Start a Business Career

Ask anyone in the business world and they’ll tell you the same: you don’t choose a career, a career chooses you. As long as you’re passionate about the business at hand and work hard to reach your goals, the perks that go along with business-oriented careers are never-ending.

With occupational benefits in mind, here are just some of the perks of choosing a business career.

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Above Average Compensation

There’s a reason more college students are getting their degrees in business: careers in business pay well. Whether you take the compliance officer route or opt for a position as a business operations manager, business careers consistently pay some of the highest salaries of any profession.

Considering businesses make the world go around, it’s not surprising that business professionals are handsomely rewarded for their hard work. With median salaries ranging in the $50,000s for entry-level positions, a business career has plenty to offer in terms of salary potential.

Job Security

Business professionals are in high demand in the working world, which means there’s also a level of built-in job security when choosing a career. Most of the positions available in the business and corporate worlds are essential and therefore aren’t disappearing any time soon.

In addition, new positions are being created every day that call for skilled business professionals. Businesses come and go all the time, but the jobs they offer are here to stay. With a business career, a woman can rest assured that her job is secure for the foreseeable future, which is a pretty essential perk.

Future Opportunities

Positions open up all the time in the business world and as long as you’re qualified, a business career also translates to ongoing career advancement opportunities. For example, John Ferraro COO became Ernst and Young’s Global Chief Operating Officer by starting as the Head of Client Services and Managing Partner of the Americas.

In other words, every position in business leads to another opportunity. Whether you start in an entry-level position, the networking and learning opportunities that come with a business career provide plenty of chances to advance your career even further. And, considering the business world is always changing, the sky’s the limit when it comes to position potential.

Workplace Perks

From careers at small startups to growing corporations, there are plenty of workplace perks that go along with a successful career in business. Depending on the company, paid vacations, bonuses, regular salary increases, and employee health insurance benefits are all part of the business atmosphere.

In addition, businesses know the value of keeping their employees happy, so they do everything they can to keep inner-office spirits high. Some common perks that take place in business offices all across the country are catered lunches, free yoga classes, lunch break fitness classes, on-site massages, take-home dinners on late nights, free breakfasts, and take-your-pet-to-work days. Not bad for a day’s work.

Health Benefits

All business perks aside, there are untold health benefits to having a steady career you love. In terms of mental health, job security reduces the stress that results from money issues and relieves the anxiety and pressure that go along with having to continuously look for work.

Likewise, although some careers in business come with built-in stressors, many larger corporations and businesses offer stress relief seminars to help employees cope with high-pressure workplace situations.

Freedom from the Norm

With the advancements in computer technology, more business careers are evolving into hybrid and remote positions. Hybrid positions allow employees to work from home for part of the week, which gives them more time to devote to their personal lives.

In addition, many business careers offer remote positions where employees are only in the office once or twice a month. With many businesses expanding their digital workplaces, remote positions aren’t only becoming more widespread, but also more diverse.

From salary levels to job security, choosing a business career comes with plenty of perks.

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