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Welcome to Funky Faith Girl … the “ladies only” guide to life!

Funky Faith Girl is a selection of cool and new ideas, life tips and fun stories for girls and women. Juggling a career, family and day-to-day life can be hard for us, modern girls. As we all struggle to make the most of everyday, this website can be a help or a hindrance. Funky Faith Girl also strives to promote products, services, tools and technologies that make life easier for working women, stay at home moms, as well as all of those lovable guys in our lives.

Think of it as your personalized handbook to discover, share and save all your favorite articles, tips and advice in one place.

Each day we bring you the best on everything from fashion and relationships to recipes, career, love, health, and more. In other words, we cover all girls topics including the good, bad and taboo!