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9 Reasons Why Men Prefer Feisty Women

feisty woman

First, let's figure out what it means for a woman to be feisty. Naturally, they are all tough broads for historical reasons: they needed to get ahead in what was largely a man’s business in the first half of the twentieth century, like photography, or banking. Several had difficult childhoods

3 Basic Rules For Talking To A Girl You Like

Talking to a girl

Very often men complain that they fail to understand how to attract a girl. Across many cultures of the world, traditional men are considered the man of the house, but times have changed. Men, who are too stubborn to change their opinions too judgmental, and too commanding or overly obsessed

A Girl’s Perspective

A Girl’s Perspective

There's no perfect formula for a successful marriage. Each pair is different and has to work out their own special system to make it work. Still, it's always a good reminder to hear about what the other half thinks works. We were lucky enough to sit down with one of