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10 Easy Tricks to Get a Great Beach Body

Great beach body

As the weather starts to warm up, our thoughts turn to summer vacations and hitting the beach. However, after a long winter, we worry about how we will look. If you’ve had a busy winter or you are studying for an online degree such as an online executive MBA, you

4 Surprising Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Women's longevity

For most of human history, we have not needed to wonder who lives longer: men or women? However, towards the end of the 19th century, women suddenly began outliving men There are many hypothesized reasons why women live longer than men. Therefore, this has been a fascinating area of research for

6 Moisturizers for Acne Prone Skin

best moisturizer for acne prone skin

The girls with oily, acne-prone skin know how important it is to treat blemishes with masks, cleansers, and/or toners. But how selective are you when it comes to choosing a moisturizer? Moisturizer is a very important element in your routine because the thirstier your skin is, the more oil it produces,

The 5 Steps That Helped Me Deal With Anxiety

Coping With Anxiety

For several years now I've been struggling with anxiety. For a long time I didn't realize that's what it was. I would find myself unable to go to lessons at school, crippled by the thought of being in the room with 10 other people! When things went wrong I would

How To (Finally) Get Rid of a Sweet Tooth

How To (Finally) Get Rid Of A Sweet Tooth

It’s not an exaggeration to say sugar can be an addiction. It’s been sneaking into our diets since we were kids, and now that we’re older we’re adding it to our diets with a packet (or three) of sugar in our coffee every morning, and that 3 pm sugary pick-me-up

Autism and Schizophrenia Risk is Dictated by Age of Father

Becoming a Father

For a long time, women have faced this dilemma: Biology wants one thing (babies, now!) and culture wants another (maybe a baby or a few eventually, after you finish your education, start your career, travel a bit, and meet somebody really special). It’s totally unfair. And we’ve always thought we

Facial Pain: Causes, Symptoms & Cures

Facial Pain: Causes, Symptoms & Cures

If you are experiencing any facial pain which is not easily explainable, you should always consult your doctor to get it checked out. The pain in any part of your face including your eyes and mouth is more often than not, caused as a result of an injury you have received or

How to Stop Negative Thinking: 3 Tactics

How to Stop Negative Thinking: 3 Tactics

Negative thoughts can sneak up on us at any time. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re doing it, but negative thinking, like “There’s no way I can finish this third mile,” or, “I’m so over today,” and even, “It doesn’t matter if I have that pint of B&J in the