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How to Save Money by Spending It

How to Save Money by Spending It

Trying to build a nest egg? Believe it or not, you don’t always have to cut back. Sometimes you actually can save a heap of money in the long run by spending a little now. Hard to believe? Check out these ideas from nationally recognized money and saving expert Andrea Woroch.

How to Deal With Your Anger After a Layoff

Deal with Being Laid Off

It sucks to get laid off, and many of you out there are pissed off about it. I don’t blame you. It’s natural to be angry. It is unfair Many of you have told me what bothered you most was that it just “wasn’t fair” that your manager would boot you out

6 Fun Graphic Design Jobs for Women to Consider

Eva Jauss - Designer Martini Glass

Whether you have a degree in graphic design or you have an amazing portfolio and are trying to pursue a career in the field, there are several great options. Unlike many other fields, graphic design is growing and continuing to have a presence in the workforce. Consider some of the

Stuck In a Rut? 4 Steps to Clear Your Way

Stuck In a Rut?

Hitting a wall at work? Stuck in a relationship rut? This may be hard to hear, but the problem might be you. Here are some of the surprising, subconscious ways women undermine their own success—and how to stop for good. I have always been a pretty quiet person. Growing up, I

Start Your Dream Career in 5 Easy Steps

Start Your Dream Career in 5 Easy Steps

For a girl, the working world can be a difficult place. The so-called glass ceiling has yet to shatter and women are yet to gain the respect they deserve. When entering into a career, there is a lot to consider. Your career should be something which inspires you and fulfils

How to Find a Career You Love

How to Find a Career You Love

I've been on a hunt for the past year.  For something that makes me wake up in the morning excited and not suicidal.  A place that's more magical than Disneyworld and ignites a fire in me that cannot be put out by shitty colleagues and/or questionable bosses.  I'm on the