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How to Dress for Thanksgiving Dinner

You’ve tucked away (or thrown away) your Halloween costumes. And unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that the holiday season is now underway. It is now officially appropriate (and not a minute premature) to start discussing how to dress for your upcoming holiday soirees, beginning with everyone’s favorite holiday (or at least everyone’s favorite holiday meal) – Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is almost always a family affair. While this means you have to dress family appropriate, it doesn’t mean you have to be boring or dull. Remember dolls, life is a fashion show and every occasion is an opportunity to showcase your fashion savvy wardrobe! So no need to roll up to grandma’s house in jeans and a sweater. You aren’t raking leaves, you’re celebrating with your loved ones, so put in the effort to look your absolute best. Here are my picks for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner ensemble.

How to Dress for Thanksgiving Dinner

1. The dress

Thanksgiving dress

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It should be above the knee, but not desperately short. Long-sleeved or mid-sleeved is preferred. And stay away from anything too tight. Encorporate one of this seasons fashion trends such as lace, a baroque pattern, a peplum cut, or oxblood color. And unless you live in LA and are experiencing record-breaking highs, pair your dress with tights.

2. The shoes

Thanksgiving booties

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I’m ALWAYS a fan of the bootie. The dress + bootie combination is forever a winner. If you’re going to be assisting with food preparation and on your feet, go with a low-heeled bootie. If you aren’t going to be on your feet, don’t be afraid to try a high heeled bootie.

3. The accessories

Thanksgiving accessories - scarf

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This part is easy. If your dress isn’t super fancy, pair it with a scarf. Scarves always make the best accessories. If your dress is on the dressier side, try a collar necklace. No need to pile on earrings and bracelets and other heavy jewelry. Save your sparkles for Christmas parties and New Years Eve. Thanksgiving is supposed to feel a little bit cozy.

What are you wearing this Thanksgiving?

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  1. Totally fine if you’re planning on going full out and fancy in a dress and heels, or if you just wanna keep it simple in your coziest sweatpants or pajamas literally no judgement at all. You’ll be sure to find an outfit on this list that calls your name. (Mine is preferably one with a stretchy waistband, please!) Here, 25 Thanksgiving outfit ideas that will be perfect for however you’re planning on celebrating this season as long as you’re following CDC guidelines !

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