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A Real Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands

I don’t know about you, but I think divorce is just so inconvenient. You know, breaking up a marriage, spending tons of money and time figuring out the legal details, then going your separate ways…all with the added mess of heartbreak and without the comfort of room service. Unless of course, you live in the Netherlands. Thanks to Dutch business genius Jim Halfens, there exists a one-stop shop for a quick divorce…and that room service if you want it. Yes, there is not one, but six Divorce Hotels that cater to couples who really need to break up in a jiffy. They have a website here:, where you can find all the contact details  BTW, there are headquarters in the US, UK, and Canada too.

Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands

Says Halfens, “Divorces can cost a lot of money and a lot of time. Here, it’s done in three days.”

Well, thank heavens for that! Who wouldn’t want to end years of marriage in a long weekend?

Is it cheaper than traditional litigation in divorce?

Couples who check into the hotel are given access to lawyers, mediators, psychologists, and separate accommodations. The price of the hotel package varies depending on the complexity of the couple’s assets but generally falls somewhere between $2,500 and $10,000. While expensive, Halfens insists that the price is worth it. Of course, he does.

“We have everything they need…The marriage failed, and that’s negative. But it’s also a new start, and that’s positive. The only thing we can do is offer a better solution than fighting for years.”

Does it work for all couples?

But not all couples are suitable for this quick getaway. Couples who are “aggressive” or “childish” usually need a traditional and somewhat lengthy divorce. “First, we invite them to our head office for a conversation; we ask them about the situation. If it’s possible, we book them into the hotel. If not, we help them with a traditional divorce,” says Halfens.

Halfens said he hopes to launch a reality TV show about Divorce Hotel in the fall. Oh, please let this happen.


Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall at one of these places? I guess if you really want to avoid months or years of drama, it’s a pretty good solution. I bet he’ll make a lot of money. Seriously! But how awkward would it be to go and mingle in the hotel bar? I bet the conversations are either horribly sad or hilariously awesome. Think about it: You are there getting free! You can talk to anyone because everyone else is also about to be free! It’s like an “exit honeymoon.” I bet there are a ton of hookups. Just saying.

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