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5 Savior Tips for Visiting Iceland


Think you’re ready to take the plunge? Here’s your survival kit. 1. Bring a bathing suit. Iceland’s national sport is swimming. (“Swimming” here is loosely defined as sitting in a hot tub talking.) There are about 200 swimming pools in Iceland, and you could say they’re the Icelandic equivalent of the English pub. Oh, and

Icelandic Nightlife Tips (or When The Party Gets Started)

Iceland Nightlife

It's almost as complicated as it sounds… Head downtown on a Tuesday night looking for some of that infamous Icelandic party spirit, and you will surely be disappointed. Not a broken bottle or twenty-meter queue in sight. You see, most locals would consider going out during the week to be a complete waste of time, as they can’t stay

8 Sleepover Rules for Parents To Host A Safe Sleepover Party

Sleepover Rules for Parents

Your little one is finally old enough (fingers crossed) to host her first official sleepover. While she’s jazzed to stay up all night with a group of friends, you’re bracing yourself for impending disaster. Everyone knows sleepovers can go from super fun to a tsunami of tears, desperate phone calls

4 Easy Tips to Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

4 Easy Steps to Hosting the Perfect Dinner Party

Inviting all your friends over for a night of food and drinks is the perfect way to spend a night in. However, when you're the host of one of these gatherings, the preparation process can sometimes become overwhelming. Here are some tips to hosting the perfect dinner party that will make it go as