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5 Used Cars for Women with Great Fuel Economy

Chevrolet Cruze Eco

Running and maintaining cars demands substantial financial resources, on the one hand, not to mention the cost of a car itself. On the other hand, you can't forget about the emission of greenhouse gases such as Carbon Dioxide, due to the government regulations aimed to deal with climate change somehow.

How to Save Money by Spending It

How to Save Money by Spending It

Trying to build a nest egg? Believe it or not, you don’t always have to cut back. Sometimes you actually can save a heap of money in the long run by spending a little now. Hard to believe? Check out these ideas from nationally recognized money and saving expert Andrea Woroch.

10 Famous Women’s Hairstyles That Will Always Be Trendy

Long Layered Bob Hairstyles

There`s one cool tradition among trendy women to welcome the new year with a new look. Lots of women adhere to the principle: new year – new hairstyle! Here are 10 of the famous hairstyles for women that remain trendy this year and will most likely remain in style forever. High Ponytail A

5 Gifts For A Single Woman She Will Love

Gifts For A Single Girl

I have been single for a much shorter period in my life than I have been married. I will be honest; I do not make the best single woman. I was just made to be in a partnership rather than be on my own. That being said, both my sisters

9 Reasons Why Men Prefer Feisty Women

feisty woman

First, let's figure out what it means for a woman to be feisty. Naturally, they are all tough broads for historical reasons: they needed to get ahead in what was largely a man’s business in the first half of the twentieth century, like photography, or banking. Several had difficult childhoods

5 Savior Tips for Visiting Iceland


Think you’re ready to take the plunge? Here’s your survival kit. 1. Bring a bathing suit. Iceland’s national sport is swimming. (“Swimming” here is loosely defined as sitting in a hot tub talking.) There are about 200 swimming pools in Iceland, and you could say they’re the Icelandic equivalent of the English pub. Oh, and

12 Tips for How to Control Your Emotions as a Woman


Emotional Intelligence - managing your emotions. Rather than trying to avoid negative emotions, which gives them power, or becoming numb, which robs you of joy and pleasure, you can learn how to manage negative states, while learning to generate more positive emotions more of the time. Yes, it can be learned! Here

How to Deal With Your Anger After a Layoff

Deal with Being Laid Off

It sucks to get laid off, and many of you out there are pissed off about it. I don’t blame you. It’s natural to be angry. It is unfair Many of you have told me what bothered you most was that it just “wasn’t fair” that your manager would boot you out