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8 Legitimate Ways to Try to Make Quick Money

You never know when you may need a little extra cash before payday rolls around. Whether you have an unexpected expense to take care of, or you’re just hoping for a fortunate windfall to help you do something fun, there are many ways you can come up with quick cash. Depending on your situation, you can go for a guaranteed payoff or try your luck for a big win.
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Donate Plasma

Plasma is the liquid part of your blood and makes up about 55 percent of your whole blood volume. When you donate, the plasma is filtered out of your blood, and the remaining portion is returned to your body. While you can only donate blood once every 56 days, you can donate plasma up to twice a week if you’re healthy. Payment policies vary by donation center, so check with the location nearest you for more info on making cash fast selling plasma.

Clean Out the House

Find out if your trash is someone else’s treasure by cleaning out your house and finding new homes for unwanted belongings. Try eBay for valuable items or popular goods like designer clothing and purses. Craigslist is ideal for items that are too large to easily ship. If you have a garage or yard, you can also host our sale for anything you can dig up.

Try Online Gaming

Online gaming can present an exciting opportunity for scoring some quick cash. You can try this route if you’re feeling lucky and you have a little extra cash to gamble with. Online games aren’t guaranteed to help you earn quick money, but they are sure to provide an afternoon of fun along the way.

Play the Lottery

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Like gaming, this tactic is not guaranteed, but it’s a fun option that has the potential for a big payoff. You can probably buy a lottery ticket with the change hiding in your couch cushions, so this option won’t require a major investment. Look for tickets that have a big jackpot and you could go home rich.

Rent Your Goods

If you have some great party accessories or specialty appliances, you may find that you can rent them out to friends and acquaintances. The camping gear that’s gathering dust in the garage may be worth some money to a family who needs a tent for the weekend but can’t afford to purchase one. Your chocolate fountain is a great addition to a special party, but not everyone is willing to buy this kind of appliance outright. Look around your house and see if you have anything unique you can rent out to others.

Sell Your Services

If you have a special talent, you might have the opportunity to make some quick cash selling it. Do you play the piano beautifully? Offer to play at weddings. Are you a budding photographer? See if you can set up a booth and snap some pictures at your local Easter egg hunt. From walking dogs to changing the oil on cars, your talents could score you serious cash with the right market. You may even find out that your hobbies have the potential to become full-time businesses.

Participate in a Focus Group

Focus groups are panels of diverse people who are paid to give their opinions. These groups can evaluate everything from new cereal products to sitcom pilots. You can earn over $100 for some of these groups. The application process is often lengthy, but looking for local opportunities like this will pay off if you’re picked.

Try Your Hand at Day Trading

If you’re looking to make cash fast and you have some extra time on your hands, day trading may offer a solution. Day traders profit from small stock price movements, buying and selling within the same day. These rapid-fire movements are perfect for people with little patience who don’t mind taking a risk.

These smart strategies give you lots of options for bringing in a little cash fast. Some of these options may work so well for you that you’ll soon be including them in your regular budget as easy supplementary sources of income.

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