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5 Easy Curling Wand Tutorials

If you’ve got a hair curling wand for a gift on the birthday or Christmas and not sure how to easily make curls that will last for at least a few days, then this article is for you. We’ve compiled top-5 tutorials and tips from YouTube that will save your time and make you look like a princess.

Carlibel55 Big Waves Tutorial

1. CarliBel55 – Big Waves/Curls How To

All of Carli’s tutorials are great, but I’m partial to this one since I am obsessed with the way her hair turned out. She gets big, Kim Kardashian curls using a 1 ½” curling wand and bobby pins. Her unorthodox method garners big results, making this video my top pick. There’s also a few coupon codes in the description box.

Simply Modish How To Use A Curling Wand

2. simpLymodish – How To Use A Remington Curling Wand (1in. vs 1.5 in.)

Ly is one of the few gurus that twists her hair around the barrel in two different directions, giving you a different look and option for using wand. She also curls her head with two different wands, helping you decide what size barrel is best for you, which I found super helpful.

Melmphs Reverse Curling Wand

3. Melmphs – Most Requested Tutorial Ever!!! Reverse Curling Wand!

Melissa is loud and hysterical and definitely has a different approach to how-to videos than the other gurus. She uses a curling wand with a reverse cone shape, unlike the other gurus. She gets those big, beachy, glam curls we all crave, while bringing tons of personality to the camera. She also incorporates texturizing cream and has a few discount codes as well. 

Meghan Rosette Long And Luscious Curls

4. meghanrosette – Long & Luscious Curls: (feat. Conair Infinity Wand)

Meghan uses day-three hair in her tutorial, so you can see how your loose waves will look like a day or two after. She uses the cone-shaped wand, obtaining almost Taylor Swift-like waves – definitely a different look.

5. Tess Christine – How to: Wavy Hair

Although Tess doesn’t use a curling wand, her use of the curling iron involves the exact same process. She uses a teasing comb and reviews 2 hair products as well, which some might find helpful. Her hair turns out very laid back and breezy.

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