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How to Find Perfect Glasses for the Next Beach Season

I’m not a big fan of myself in glasses. I think it’s a combination of my large forehead and heart-shaped face, but I just don’t find pairs very often that fit well. Up until five years ago though, I didn’t wear glasses unless it was my only option. Getting to know what works for your individual face is crucial to finding a great pair of glasses that can be trendy and sophisticated. 

Sunglasses for Beach Season

How large is your face?

If you have a small face (like myself), you’re probably not going to look great in oversized frames. Instead, stick to frames that correspond well with your face size. 

What’s your face shape?

It’s best to try and figure out your face shape when your hair is up or even better, up and wet. The overall shape of your face should fall within one of four categories, but keep in mind that face shape can vary greatly based on cheekbones, noses, and chins. So, just because you have a round face doesn’t mean all glass shapes for round faces will work for you. 

  • Oval

Consider yourself lucky, as this shape looks good in almost any glasses. Softly angular frames compliment this face shape well, as do rectangular frames. 

  • Round

Try a bold frame, which can help define a round face. Rectangular frames are always a safe bet for those with full cheekbones. Make sure to avoid round frames!

  • Heart-Shaped

Rectangular frames can also look great on a heart-shaped face. Look for a pair that widens the appearance of the chin and balances out proportions throughout the face. 

  • Square

Try contrasting your face shape with a round or oval frame. You can also pull off the cat-eye! Stay away from angular shapes as they can emphasize your sharp features. 

Do you want color?

Whether you want a pair of standard brown sunglasses or some funky tortoiseshell ones, you’ll never run out of options. Make sure they compliment your eye color and won’t clash with your regular wardrobe. And don’t be afraid to try different styles on! I would have never in a million years thought I would buy purple glasses, but I did and I love them. Make sure you always try them on too, they’ll likely look different than they did online or on the rack. 

Thick or thin?

Thinner frames won’t detract from your features, but thicker frames are a bold and trendy choice.

Deciding between round vs. rectangular frames is all about attitude. Round frames have an old-school feel, whereas rectangular frames are classic.

Two rules to always follow

  • Make sure the frames don’t go above your eyebrows.
  • Make sure the bottom of the frames don’t touch your cheeks.

Good luck finding the perfect pair!

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