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How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: 5 Fashion Tips

This is the year (we’re calling it!) that you’re finally going to build up the courage to step away from your tried-and-true style. Take the plunge & get out of your comfort zone—you’ve got nothing to lose. Whether you start with baby steps or dive into the deep end, here are five simple ways to test the fashion waters.

1. How to Wear Pops of Color

How to Wear Pops of Color

Have you ever wanted to wear bright colors, but just couldn’t bring yourself to do it? We hear ya! It’s hard to experiment with color if you’re not sure how to test it out. Here are two ways to dabble—one easy & one extreme—so you can find what works best for you.

Start Subtle

If you’re not used to playing in the color arena, take it easy & start with accessories. Add a vibrant berry belt or clutch to an all-neutral outfit.

End With Bright

Take your look all the way to the saturated end of the spectrum & pair a cobalt or equally bright sweater with a printed skirt or dress. Add a pop shoe in the same or complementary color palette.

Stylist Tip: Get more mileage out of your dresses. Throw on a bright, oversized sweater with your favorite dress to cheat the look of separates.

2. How to Wear All Black

How to Wear All Black

All black is the easiest way to look polished, sophisticated & ready to take on anything. It’s the busy woman’s back-pocket secret that takes very minimal effort (win-win).

Start With an LBD

Wearing an all-black outfit can feel intimidating. But a little black dress is always approachable. Start with a short LBD, then pair it with a clean-lined blazer & black pumps.

End With Head-to-Toe

Take the look to the extreme with a midnight ensemble. Try trousers & a delicate blouse with a longer hem to play with proportions. Top it off with an inky-black car coat.

3. How to Mix & Match Prints

How to Mix & Match Prints

Your closet can’t really live until it has prints in it. But wearing them with solids can be a cop-out. Here are two ways to wear prints together—from a more toned-down version to a look that screams style.

Start With Texture

If you’re new to the print game, try a boldly printed skirt with a textured top. Your shirt’s fabric acts as a beginner version of print, but still feels like a solid.

End With Print-on-Print

Go bold or go home—that’s our mantra with print-mixing. Try a pair of printed bottoms with a more subtle, skinny stripe to take your outfit to a new level.

4. How to Wear Layers

How to Wear Layers

We talk about layering a lot—it’s the best way to add depth & dimension to your outfit (and it serves a practical purpose, too!). Here are two ways to approach layering from beginner to advanced.

Start With Structured

If you need to ease into the idea of layers, start with a structured piece like a sleeveless trench. Wear it over a crisp button-up top, a vest & colored (or dark-wash) skinny jeans.

End With Loose & Flowy

Take your look to its street-style edge with wide-leg trousers paired with a loose tunic. Wear a cropped sweater (if you dare!) to add impactful proportion play.

5. How to Diversify Denim

How to Diversify Denim

Denim is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, but sometimes we get stuck in a rut. This year, push yourself to try a new style—it might be your most flattering pair yet.

Start With Skinny

If you haven’t tried a skinny-leg jean, this is your year. Cuff them with a few skinny rolls at the bottom to stay on-trend, and opt for a lighter wash than in previous years. A distressed or deconstructed style can also keep you current.

End With Wide-Leg

Wide-leg & flare jeans are having their moment. The longer length & wider hem are the perfect accompaniment to cropped jackets and sweaters—and look fabulous with heels.

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