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Size Fit Guide: How To Find The Right Size Shirt?

Finding an essential top that fits exactly how you want is extremely important. When someone finds the perfect size, they usually feel more confident and comfortable, something we all want with our clothes. While there is a wide variety of tops for women to choose from, we have a step-by-step guide to help you find the right size. 

Size Fit Guide For Women

Finding Your Measurements 

The first thing we would recommend is finding your measurements, that way you can compare sizes based on your actual measurements. This is essential because no two women are the same, and all the tops made for women will fit differently on each of us. When you start measuring, you will want to wear the underwear you would when you wear the clothes you want to buy. To make proper measurements, follow the instructions below:

Chest Measurements

  • Place your arms at your side
  • Measure under arms, around the fullest part of your chest

Waist Measurements (the slimmest part of the waist)

  • Measure around your natural waistline
  • Keep the tape relaxed — don’t pull tight

Hip Measurements

  • Stand with feet together
  • The tape should touch both hipbones

Consult the sizing chart to decide which size would suit you the best. Not all women have an hourglass body shape and it is up to you to size up or down to compensate for the difference. It’s also a good idea to ask yourself, how do I want to wear my shirt? Although tops for women are usually designed to fit hourglass measurements, you can still decide which fit is best for you. For example, if you have a 34-27-38 you may want to size up from a small to a medium, that way the shirt won’t fit too tightly around your hips. All the tops for women are going to differ, but you should be able to apply the same principles to just about any fitting situation.

Considering Your Preferences

It’s good to have an opinion on how to wear your clothes, but if you don’t already have a preference, it will help to consider the following ideas.

  • If you prefer a little tightness on the hips, then keep to a smaller size.   
  • If you are looking to wear your top as an undershirt, we recommend sticking to the size chart.
  • If you are looking to wear your cap sleeve as a stand-alone shirt, consider the next size up.

These are just a few examples, but there are other considerations that you can make. In the end, your preference is really up to you — only you know what fits you best and what you feel the most comfortable in. If you are coming back around to finding what you are most comfortable in, remember these principles and you should be fine!

There are a lot of options when it comes to essential tops for women, but be sure to check out our selection. We are confident you’ll like what you find!

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