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10 Clothing Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Fashion is not foolproof. Stains, holes, scratches, and scuffs are all very real threats to our wardrobe, forcing us to live in fear each day. Eventually, we’ll all be faced with a fashion emergency of our own, so the best thing to do is prepare for the inevitable. As long as we’re equipped with the knowledge of a few quick and easy fashion fixes, we won’t let something as trivial as a tear in our stockings keep us down. Here are some of the basics to have in your arsenal.

Clothing Hacks for Every Woman

The Problem #1: Wrinkled Clothes Before Heading Out

Life hack: Hang your clothes in the bathroom and shut the door while you shower. This allows the moisture and steam to work out some of the wrinkles. When you’re done showering, use your hand to smooth out any that may have been missed, working from the top of the garment to the bottom.

The Problem #2: Unsightly Sweat Stains on Your Favorite Shirt

Life hack: Spray a bit of lemon juice on the stains before placing your garment in the washing machine. This works particularly well for gray shirts, as they are the most prone to discoloration.

The Problem #3: Snagged Pantyhose on the Way to Work

Life hack: Clear nail polish. In order to prevent further damaging your stockings or pantyhose, paint nail polish at the beginning, end, and around the edges of the run. The polish stops the hole from getting bigger and won’t wash off.

The Problem #4: Dull Patent Leather Shoes

Life hack: Take a hint from My Big Fat Greek WeddingWindex is the cure for this one! Spraying some of the cleaning solution onto a paper towel to clean patent leather will remove scuff marks and even restore some of the original shine.

The Problem #5: Worn-out Workout Shoes

Life hack: Pour a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into your sweaty shoes, making sure that it’s distributed evenly. The soda will get rid of any odor and absorb the moisture from perspiration.

The Problem #6: Popped Underwire in Your Expensive Bra

Life hack: Make a patch out of Moleskin, a soft material that is adhesive on its back. Simply cut a small strip of the material and remove the paper back. Then, shove the underwire back into its hole as far as it will go, cover with the patch, and press down to secure.

The Problem #7: Tangled Necklace Before a Night Out

Life hack: Rubbing a few drops of baby oil onto each knot will help loosen the chain. Then work the knots out by using a straight pin or needle.

The Problem #8: Shoes Half a Size Too Small

Life hack: You can make them work! Fill two freezer bags with water and place one in each shoe. Let the bags freeze overnight. Your shoes will expand along with the water.

The Problem #9: Foundation Stains on Your Shirt Collar

Life hack: Shaving cream can be used to remove any liquid makeup. Use a washcloth to work a small amount into the fabric.

The Problem #10: Last-Minute Hemming for an Event

Life hack: While this isn’t a great permanent solution, in a pinch you can use a glue gun to create a quick hem. This technique isn’t a lasting one, so you should get the garment properly altered when you do have the time.

What are some quick fixes you use during a fashion emergency?

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