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10 Easy Tricks to Get a Great Beach Body

Great beach body

As the weather starts to warm up, our thoughts turn to summer vacations and hitting the beach. However, after a long winter, we worry about how we will look. If you’ve had a busy winter or you are studying for an online degree such as an online executive MBA, you

11 Unexpected Uses of Coconut Oil in Your Daily Beauty Routine

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has gained significant popularity for its enchanting aroma and its numerous health and beauty benefits. In this article, we'll share 11 creative ways to harness the power of coconut oil to enhance your beauty routine. 1.   Relaxing Bath Coconut oil is known for its moisturizing properties. In addition to that, it

5 Easy Hairstyle Ideas for this Friday Night

5 Ways to Wear Your Hair this Friday Night

It’s Friday night, ladies. Time to shower away the day’s stress and do something fun! Pick out your favorite dress and top things off with a fun new hairstyle. We’ve picked five that are perfect for Friday night. Now go enjoy yourselves! 1. The Halo Braid A great way to keep your

Top-5 Winter Hairstyles for Hats

With cold weather approaching, it's time to start adding hats back into our accessory pool. Aside from great protection against the weather, hats are a winter essential that every girl can rock as long as she knows how to style them. We're all too familiar with the major threat this

How to Be More Photogenic: 6 Tips

How to Be More Photogenic: 6 Tips

We've all had photos that we wish were never taken and could be forever deleted. However, if you feel like every photo you take isn't turning out how you want it to, then learn how to be more photogenic and try some of the tips we've compiled. With a little

How to Apply Lipstick: 6 Super-Useful Tips

Useful Lipstick Tips

I'm not sure why, but I always found lipstick so intimidating. It's not like chapstick or a sheer gloss that you can just sweep on without even needing a mirror. But, then again, that's part of the appeal. Lipsticks pack much more presence with deeper, brighter, truer shades. Plus, there's