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How to Be More Photogenic: 6 Tips

We’ve all had photos that we wish were never taken and could be forever deleted. However, if you feel like every photo you take isn’t turning out how you want it to, then learn how to be more photogenic and try some of the tips we’ve compiled. With a little practice you’re sure to make every picture you take your best!

How to Be More Photogenic: 6 Tips

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Master your pose

One of the best poses to pull off is the typical “hand on hip,” but it’s a go-to pose for a reason. However, if it’s not working out for you it could be that you’re doing it wrong. Most people forget that when they place their hand on their hip they have to angle it back slightly. This way your elbow doesn’t jut straight out. By angling back you create a more relaxed pose for your picture.

Angle your body

Sometimes the reason for a bad picture is the placement of your body. If you want to avoid this, try to always put your body at a certain angle.  You should never full on face the camera; always opt for one side or the other. Another great option is to cross your legs to create an angle while elongating your shape.

Make your lip color pop

Wearing a bright shade of lip color not only makes you stand out, it also brightens your smile when photographed. So, make sure to wear your boldest colors and make sure the camera can see it!

Perfect your eyebrows

Having great looking brows can really add that finishing touch to your look. They can also do a good job of framing the features in your face. This can really tie in your makeup and give your face the photo finish you want. You can create awesome brows by making them a slightly darker shade.

Try smiling with your eyes

Pictures usually call for you to smile, but another trick you can try is by smiling with your eyes. You may be wondering, “How does one smile with their eyes?” well try smiling with the bottom of your face covered and notice how your eyes change. Then, try keeping your eyes like that without smiling. Then all you have to do is combine the looks. You’ll create that fierce and interesting look for your next photo.

Know your good side

At this point, every girl should know what her good side is. If you have bangs try picking the side that doesn’t show the part in your hair. Otherwise, it may tend to make your forehead and face look bigger. A lot of your features tend to appear bigger when not at the best angle. Avoid that by finding your perfect side.

Know any other great photo taking tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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