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10 Famous Women’s Hairstyles That Will Always Be Trendy

Long Layered Bob Hairstyles

There`s one cool tradition among trendy women to welcome the new year with a new look. Lots of women adhere to the principle: new year – new hairstyle! Here are 10 of the famous hairstyles for women that remain trendy this year and will most likely remain in style forever. High Ponytail A

Funky Curly Hair: 8 Must-Read Tips for Managing It

Funky Curly Hair:

The earliest memories I have of my childhood are throwing tantrums about my hair. Why did my hair look like a lion’s mane while the other girls in my kindergarten class had pretty shiny straight hair? My mom always said I was blessed to have natural curls, but it felt

5 Easy Curling Wand Tutorials

5 Easy Curling Wand Tutorials

If you've got a hair curling wand for a gift on the birthday or Christmas and not sure how to easily make curls that will last for at least a few days, then this article is for you. 525

5 Easy Hairstyle Ideas for this Friday Night

5 Ways to Wear Your Hair this Friday Night

It’s Friday night, ladies. Time to shower away the day’s stress and do something fun! Pick out your favorite dress and top things off with a fun new hairstyle. We’ve picked five that are perfect for Friday night. Now go enjoy yourselves! 1. The Halo Braid A great way to keep your

Top-5 Winter Hairstyles for Hats

With cold weather approaching, it's time to start adding hats back into our accessory pool. Aside from great protection against the weather, hats are a winter essential that every girl can rock as long as she knows how to style them. We're all too familiar with the major threat this