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5 Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

Let’s ignore how deeply the majority of us despise this dreary, cold weather and instead focus on something fun. Holidays! Like Valentine’s Day! I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t matter whether or not I’m in a relationship, I will always have a soft spot for Valentine’s Day.

5 Romantic Hairstyles for Valentine's Day

Other than Halloween, it’s the only other holiday that allows me to run wild with my candy cravings. While I’m more of a guys gal every other week of the year, when February 14th rolls around, I embrace all the cutesy, gushy stuff. Because, you know what, I do want a giant stuffed bear carrying a heart with a cheesy message, and I love any excuse to bake treats for my friends covered in red and pink sprinkles. This is going to be my first Valentine’s Day as a single lady in four years, and I’m not at all bummed out. V-Day is just as fun, if not more so, for single people. There’s no pressure to plan a fancy dinner and pick out the perfect gift. Instead, I’ll be dressing to the nines, and going out with my girlfriends (a.k.a the true loves of my life).

I’ll definitely be working one of these seriously romantic hairstyles featured below. They’re non-fussy which is what we all need when dealing with this gross weather, and will be perfect for your Valentine’s Day, however you plan on spending it. The focus is on natural waves and curls, so there’s no need to pull out that straightener, ladies!

A Knot Come Undone

1. A Knot Come Undone

While an updo can feel too fancy, the wispy, face-framing curls lend a relaxed touch. Start by creating a side part with your fingers and loosely curl your entire head of hair with a 1.5 inch curling iron. Tease the crown and smooth the top layer with a comb. Then gather hair at the nap and secure your hair into a loose ponytail. Lightly tease the pony even more and work in a nonsticky hair spray. Now for the fun part: just start randomly twisting pieces from the ponytail and pinning them up, letting some of the ends fall out. Then pull out a few pieces to frame the face. Finish with a light mist of shine spray. 

Bombshell Curls

2. Bombshell Curls

Bouncy curls are always a knockout punch when it comes to looking romantic. The look just oozes sex appeal, which is why the Victoria’s Secret models and Megan Fox often turn to this style.

To achieve the look yourself, start by spraying a smoothing product over towel-dried hair, then work in a volumizing mousse. Perfect combo, yes?! Next, blow dry hair with a paddle brush, parting hair wherever you like. Salma does a center part, but we’re partial to the deep side part as well. Although you can use a large-barrel curling iron, we recommend going old-school with some medium-sized hot rollers for a softer effect. Simply take a two-inch section of hair and wrap it around a roller. Leave rollers in for 20 minutes, then let hair cool for a few minutes before breaking up curls with your fingers. Ta-da. Just try to keep the boys from running their fingers through your hair all night.

Barely-Styled Tousled Layers

3. Barely-Styled Tousled Layers

Not all romantic hairstyles involve curls, but you should embrace your natural texture for the best look. Romance is all about natural, unfussy hairstyles. This tousled look is perfect for ladies with medium to fine hair who struggle to achieve the curls in other looks.

Start with a spritz of salt spray over towel-dried hair. Then flip your head upside down as you blow-dry with a ceramic, round brush. You want your hair to keep that airy feel, and a boar-bristle brush will smooth it down too much. Once your strands are completely dry, flip your head upright and create a middle part with your fingers. Lightly tease the crown for a bit of volume, and keep the look a little messy. {Photo Source}

Messy Low Pony

4. Messy Low Pony

Want effortless style that looks like you didn’t spend hours in front of the mirror for your next date? Then try this low pony that seriously only takes 15 minutes, tops. Start with dry hair and wrap random sections around a one-inch clampless curling iron and hold for just ten seconds or so. This will create that undone, disheveled texture you want. Once you’ve curled enough pieces to your satisfaction, flip hair over and mist with a texturizing spray. Flip head back upright and lightly backcomb hair at the back and sides, but not at the front. Then, simply gather hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. You want the pony to lay flat and effortlessly drape down back. Secure with an elastic the same color as your hair.

The Wraparound Braid

5. The Wraparound Braid

This look takes a bit more effort, but the end result is scorching. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have long locks; you can achieve this look even with a bob-length cut. To begin, blow dry hair with a round brush while working in a salt spray. You want the hair to be a little gritty so the bobby pins have something to grip onto. Part hair to the side (about one and a half inches back), tease the crown, and start braiding a section along the hairline towards the back. It’s best so start braiding tightly, and secure with pins as you go, because you can always go back and loosen it up later. Repeat on the opposite side, then secure the hair where it meets the first braid with bobby pins. Randomly weave sections of hair below and above the braid for a messy-chignon feel. Don’t forget to finish with some hair spray to secure the style. {Photo Source}

Which of these looks do you love the most? Will you be trying any of them out this weekend?

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