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10 Funky Craft Ideas Made With Felt Balls

funky crafts

"Felt Balls?  What do you use them for then ?" That's what I hear every time someone asks me what our most popular product is.  And if you're a little unsure what you can use felt balls for, then here are our top 10 favorite uses for them. Funky Jewelry Think bobble bracelets

DIY: Creating a Home Command Center

Creating a Home Command Center

Woo Hoo! My kids got to start back to school this past Monday. I really tried to get ready for a big year since all 3 of my kids will be in school this year. (skipping around the room…eeeeek!) Below are my ideas for creating a home command center. I don’t

Inspiration Workshop – {Kitchens}

Inspiration Workshop - {Kitchens}

Hello there! Since I missed last week, I’m so excited to be sharing my kitchen inspiration with y’all this week!  My dream kitchen will be a collaboration of a lot of different things.  These are some of the pictures I’m inspired by for my dream kitchen…hopefully to come true some day when

DIY Ideas: Cute Storage Boxes

Cute Storage Boxes Ideas

I knew I needed some cute boxes or bins for my living room.  My boys have a playroom but spend a lot of time in the living room.  Since the toys tend to end down here anyway, I needed some grown up cute ways to organize the toys.  I didn’t