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DIY Ideas: Cute Storage Boxes

I knew I needed some cute boxes or bins for my living room.  My boys have a playroom but spend a lot of time in the living room.  Since the toys tend to end down here anyway, I needed some grown up cute ways to organize the toys.  I didn’t want kids decor in my living room anymore.  I’ve recently seen the big diaper boxes being turned into storage boxes over here and immediately knew I wanted the same idea.  However, I knew that my kids would immediately destroy cardboard and that I needed something sturdier.  I wanted wood.  Luckily the wood would be covered in fabric so I could go super cheap.

I bought one sheet of  plywood for $6.50 and then cut it into the sizes I needed to make the boxes.

I made mine 12x18x12, I wanted them to be deep to fit under the TV table.


I wanted to use the nail gun because the board I bought was thinner than I thought but since it was night time and the kids were sleeping, I used my drill and screws.  It took a little more patience but got the job done.  If you’re more patient than me I suggest using skinny nails.  The boxes done and ready for fabric.

I bought 3 Canvas Drop clothes at Home Depot. They were 5′x5′ and a perfect size.  I cut out squares of the corners, stopping a couple of inches from each corner.  Then I cut a slit into each corner.


See I cut the slits that way so I could fold them over and the edges don’t show.  This was super easy especially with hot glue.  I did this with all for sides and each box.  I chose not to cut the extra canvas off and just staple it down on the inside of the box.


All done and ready for decoration.


I got some cute fabric on sale at Joann’s for $8 to trim the top of the boxes.

I ironed the edges back and then just eyed how far down I wanted it and glued.  I did fold it over into the box for a complete look.


For me, I wasn’t going for perfection, I just wanted cute boxes and a cute look.  I eyed it and it worked out pretty well.  If you’re not good at this then you can measure from the top.

Boxes with the fabric and ready for some extra cuteness!

(sorry for bad lighting, this is what happens when you’re up at 1-2am finishing crafts like me!)


I printing some large numbers in a font I liked and cut them out to use as stencils.  I traced one number on the front of each box, then I painted them a blue turquoise color.  I just use a $1 acrylic paint I already had.


Ta-Da! All done!

I absolutely LOVE the way these turned out.  Right now I’m still having to use them for toys, but hopefully soon I can put magazines or cute rolled up blankets in them!  This was a great, fast and cheap way to help organize my living room.

It cost me $33 in supplies.  I already had the hot glue, screws and paint.  Overall a great deal since you can’t but wooden custom boxes this big for $11 a piece anywhere!

Now they are really heavy, which I like so the kids don’t play with them.  But I like that they’re durable.

I may add handles to them eventually.


Thanks so much for letting me share with you.  I hope you get inspired to organize your home!

Now to pick out an entertainment table design I like to build. Hmmmm, new project soon?

What have you done lately to help organize your home?

10 thoughts on “DIY Ideas: Cute Storage Boxes

  1. They turned out great! We just use a sturdy woven basket/box–one of the wire framed ones wrapped in rattan stuff. We shove it under the coffee table and pull int out when they want to play. It holds a lot and the rule is that if it doesn’t fit in the basket (and under the table!) it doesn’t stay downstairs. Works great!

  2. Love it! Exactly what I have been wanting to do… so glad I found you through Tattertots and Jello! Hope you stop by and say hi sometime. I am one of your new followers.

  3. Love the boxes! Just saw your link on Tip Me Tuesday and had to come over and tell you how cute they are! What a great idea to just use fabric to dress them up. I was going to pin it too but I see Meredith already did. Great job!

  4. Turned out great. Love the numbers.:) Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link up party going on right now over on my blog. 🙂 (New follower, cute blog!) 🙂

  5. Just popping over from I Heart Organising and just wanted to say how much I love your idea. It is hard to find boxes the right size and I’ve got a couple areas where I’d like to make some. This has given me the inspiration I needed. Thanks again so much.

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