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8 Sleepover Rules for Parents To Host A Safe Sleepover Party

Sleepover Rules for Parents

Your little one is finally old enough (fingers crossed) to host her first official sleepover. While she’s jazzed to stay up all night with a group of friends, you’re bracing yourself for impending disaster. Everyone knows sleepovers can go from super fun to a tsunami of tears, desperate phone calls

DIY: Creating a Home Command Center

Creating a Home Command Center

Woo Hoo! My kids got to start back to school this past Monday. I really tried to get ready for a big year since all 3 of my kids will be in school this year. (skipping around the room…eeeeek!) Below are my ideas for creating a home command center. I don’t

Autism and Schizophrenia Risk is Dictated by Age of Father

Becoming a Father

For a long time, women have faced this dilemma: Biology wants one thing (babies, now!) and culture wants another (maybe a baby or a few eventually, after you finish your education, start your career, travel a bit, and meet somebody really special). It’s totally unfair. And we’ve always thought we