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Funky Fashion: 5 New Ways to Wear Socks!

 Whether you’re ready to take the plunge or not, fall is about more than pants, tights, and leggings. There’s a new way how to wear fall and winter fashion and the key is the often overlooked sock! Socks are a versitale way to snazz up boots and a way to incorporate your favorite pumps into your wardrobe without leaving your legs completely bare. Here are five different ways to wear socks this season:

1. Socks with Heels

Socks with Heels

Image source: Pinterest

Keep them all the way up with a cute, tall textured pair or scrunch them down like the image above. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and textures! Unless it’s black on black, you want to choose colors that compliment each other but do not match. If your shoe has a pattern, go for a solid sock or vice versa.

2. Socks with Knee High Boots

Socks with Knee High Boots

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I love when a pair of thick socks peek out the top of a knee high boot. Sticking to a neutral dark grey or a light cream is always safe or feel free to pop a little color this way.

3. Socks with Ankle Boots

Funky Socks with Ankle Boots

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My favorite way to wear socks with ankle boots is scrunched down. It makes your ankles look super skinny and is a no fuss style. Follow the same rules as funky socks with heels in terms of colors and patterns and you’ll be good to go!

4. Socks with Tights

Socks with Tights

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This is another way to keep shorts and skirts in your wardrobe even when it’s freezing. Choose a pair of calf length or knee high boots and pair them with a thick sock and light weight textured tights. Stay with lighter weight tights because otherwise your legs will be sufficating. Remember to stick to only two different textures and go more neutral with this look.

5. Socks with UGGs

Socks with UGGs

Image source: Pinterest

Snazz up the classic UGGs with funky socks that come just above the top of the boot or pair with tights like the picture above. UGGs aren’t the fashion statement they used to be, but they’re still super cozy and warm, so dress them up with your favorite socks.

What is your favorite way to wear socks and boots?

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