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What Not to Wear on a First Date? Top-10 Things

First dates are supposed to be fun. You’re getting to know someone new and see if there’s any potential that you’re a good fit together. They also can be a little awkward and forced so you’ll want to make sure nothing immediately sets you off on the wrong foot. While guys want to see your personal style, you don’t want them to be turned off or make a prejudgement by what you’re wearing. Here are our suggestions for what NOT to wear on a first date.

What Not to Wear on a First Date? Top-10 Things

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1. Shoes you can’t walk in

Sure you might be grabbing dinner and sitting down most of the time, but what if he wants to take a walk afterward or you decide to extend your evening to include something else fun? Hobbling around is not attractive, no matter how good those heels make your look.

2. Anything you’d wear to the gym

No leggings, yoga pants, athletic tanks, t-shirts, etc. Dates are like interviews, you want to look your best without detracting from your personality. He’ll appreciate that you dressed up a bit, so avoid anything you would wear to a workout.

3. Something you haven’t worn before

You never know what’s going to happen with something you haven’t worn before. Does the top button pop open occasionally? Do the pants end up sagging in the butt? Does that coat gather lint like crazy? You won’t know the answers to these questions, so it’s best not to find out the answer on a date. Play it safe with one of your favorite outfits.

4. Anything extremely trendy.

Neon clothes, UGGs, rompers, as much as I hate to say it, I’d even skip the printed pants. Again, you don’t want guys to judge you immediately on how you’re dressed, so just stay with something that’s a little safer, but is still you. You can break out the socks and heels combo on your next date.

5. Tons of accessories

Let him notice you, not your arm full of bangles clanging together as you eat your meal. We love that fashion statement, but again, leave it for another date when there is less pressure.

6. Your hair up

In my totally unscientific poll of all the men I know, guys love hair down way better than hair up. We love the sock bun look as much as you do, but hair up can often seem more conservative and guys want to see the fun, free side of you.

7. Anything very revealing

If the guy is right, he can get a cleavage peak another time. Keep the outfit balanced (i.e. if you’re wearing a short skirt pair it with a conservative top) and you’ll show the perfect amount of skin. You want him staring at your face not your boobs right?

8. Too much makeup

Anything glitter is definitely a “don’t” and skip the intense smokey eye. You want to look natural and they want to see you in your most natural state.

9. A hat

Hats hide your hair and often a lot of your face. They are also generally too casual for a date. Skip the fedora until you’re headed on a yacht together next summer.

10. A huge purse

Unless you’re coming from work and there’s nothing you can do, ditch the big purse for your night out. There’s likely no where to put it on your dinner date and it can make you appear high maintenance. Opt for a cute crossbody or a clutch instead.

All that said, make sure to be yourself and let your own style come though. What is your favorite outfit for a first date?

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