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5 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away. If you know you’ll be short on time, or just aren’t the best cook, these recipes are here to make Thanksgiving dinner delicious and easy.

Homemade Cranberry Sauce via Six Sister’s Stuff

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Don’t settle for that stuff out of the can. You can do better than that! This sauce is very easy and will look like you put it a lot of work!

Caramelized Green Beans via Delicious Byrde

Caramelized Green Beans

These are NOT your average green beans! The caramelization makes them oh-so-tasty and this recipe has a very easy clean-up!

Creamy Pumpkin Pie via

Creamy Pumpkin Pie

The secret to this super easy pumpkin pie? Ready made crust and instant pudding mix. No one ever has to know!

Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts via My Man’s Belly

Maple Bacon Brussels Sprouts

This recipe will change all your thinking about brussels sprouts. A little bacon changes these boring vegetables into your favorite side dish.

The Best Stuffing Recipe Ever via The Endless Meal

The Best Stuffing Recipe Ever

This stuffing is definitely not your average stuffing, but it may be one of the easiest! Just toss all the ingredients in a bowl and either stuff in your turkey or bake it on your own. That’s it!

What are you making this Thanksgiving?

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