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Facial Pain: Causes, Symptoms & Cures

If you are experiencing any facial pain which is not easily explainable, you should always consult your doctor to get it checked out. The pain in any part of your face including your eyes and mouth is more often than not, caused as a result of an injury you have received or is a side-effect of having a headache. Most causes of it are fortunately considered to be harmless and temporary.

If however, you experience a facial pain that suddenly appears without any known reason or cause, you should consider getting an evaluation from an appropriate specialist or a similarly qualified medical practitioner, as it may be an indication of an underling medical issue that needs investigating.

Facial Pain: Causes, Symptoms & Cures

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Common causes of facial pain

There are numerous causes of facial pain and these can include nerve damage to the face or could possibly be the result of an infection. The most common causes include some of the following:

  • an abscess, such as when you experience a collection of pus gathering under the surface tissue of the mouth. You can also experience facial pain as a result of a skin abscess;
  • a facial injury that you have suffered;
  • an oral infection that you have contracted;
  • a result of head or toothache.

Serious causes of facial pain

Facial pain can also be an indication of some more serious issues like a nerve disorder, sinusitis, migraine and herpes zoster, which is also known as shingles.

Identifying the pain

It is important to try to recognize various types of pain that you can experience, as this will help you identify whether you need to seek medical treatment and who to consult.

A general description of facial pain would be described as feeling like an ache, a stabbing sensation or a cramp-like feeling in the affected area of your face. The specific type of pain that you feel will mainly depend on what is causing it.

If you experience a dull, throbbing pain down one side of your face or around your mouth, this is normally indicative of an oral problem such as a toothache or an abscess. If it falls under the description of your case, you should consult your dentist.

The type of pain that you may feel if you are suffering from sinusitis would be entirely different. The symptoms for sinusitis are commonly a pressure of aching pain that is specific to the cheekbone area and underneath your eyes.

An abscess or ulcer will very often be characterized by a specific throbbing pain at the site of the sore, whereas a facial pain associated with either a headache or injury tends to feel like a stabbing sensation which also possibly throbs and aches at the same time.

Pain relief

As a general rule, facial pain tends to be eliminated once the cause has been successfully identified and the right treatment has been administered.

Infections like sinusitis are often dealt with successfully by using antibiotics and a viral infection such as shingles can be eliminated through the use of antiviral medications. In a lot of cases, the pain will simply go away after a period of time has expired but many patients would prefer to accelerate that process or get some relief for the pain that they are experiencing.

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