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The #1 Mistake Job Seekers are Making

Did you know that 80% of open jobs are not posted online?! A survey of recruiters and career experts reveals that the #1 mistake job seekers make is solely using the internet in their job search.

The #1 Mistake Job Seekers are Making
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To turn this idea into simple math, this means that most people – those who search for jobs online- are going for 20% of the available jobs.  So what does this mean for you?  It means that if you’re smart, you’d be playing in the offline field where you’d be one of the 20% looking at 80% of the jobs!

If you’re willing to go against the crowd, get a little uncomfortable and stop hiding behind your computer screen, I think you’ll have a much shorter job search than most. Here are a few offline job tips:

  • Ask your friends, classmates and acquaintences for introductions to people in your desired field.
  • Pick up the phone. Then pick it up again after no one calls you back.
  • Go to a lot of networking coffee meetings and informational interviews.  You can find these people online through sites like LinkedIn or Twitter, then send them an email or call them to take it OFFline.
  • Stop judging your progress by the number of online job applications you sent into a random company where you know no one. Instead, monitor your progress based on how many meetings you set up.
  • Set up meetings with all of your favorite professors.
  • Go to a lot of events whether they are networking events, Greek life events, campus speakers, or parties (true story: I got a job offer by connecting with someone at a party).  You can rock an event even if you are super shy.
  • Ask everyone you meet a lot of questions about themselves and what they do.  People love talking about themselves.  The more you talk about them, the more they like you and want to help you.
  • Email authors, bloggers and speakers you like and introduce yourself.

Basically, job searching is like dating:  if you’re looking to date with the intention of finding a partner, you can use online tools to meet people, but eventually it has to be taken offline to lead to something more. Dating is a process of meeting people, getting to know people, getting rejected, finding out what you want and don’t want, and getting yourself out there.  Apply the same strategies to your job search and you’ll be good to go!

One thought on “The #1 Mistake Job Seekers are Making

  1. Great advice!! I hope anyone out there searching for a job reads this. I spent 6 months trying to find a job solely online and was feeling so helpless and hopeless. The rejection was eating away at my self-esteem for sure. Finally, I voiced my frustrations to a good guy friend and he said he’d find out if his company was hiring. Turns out they were… I nailed the interview and have been at the job for 2 months & love it!

    Anyone out there searching for a job should without a doubt take this advice to heart!!!! It’s 100% true. I’m living proof.

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