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4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner

There comes a point in everyone’s life when we no longer head home for Thanksgiving. Maybe you live too far away, maybe your parents have made other plans, or maybe this year you just want to go it on your own. Whatever it is, the hardest truth of all is Thanksgiving is expensive. The turkey alone can cost up to $50 and once you’ve added five side dishes and two desserts, you’re looking at a bill over $100 to feed ten. We’ve got some tips on how to bring down the cost of your delicious turkey feast. 

4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner

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Stick to a List

This is true of all grocery shopping. Making a list helps control impulse purchases, which we’ve all succumbed to. This also helps to prevent forgetting items you need and having to go to the store a second time. Go through each recipe and write down what you need including exact measurements so you don’t buy too much or too little. If you can buy generic brands rather than brand names, definitely do it. Most taste exactly the same and can be half the price!

Use coupons

If your grocery store has a loyalty card make sure you bring it every time you shop. Also make sure to check your local paper for applicable coupons. It’s going to be full of them around Thanksgiving, so while it might be a pain, it will definitely be worth it. There are also many apps that link to your store loyalty cards like Saving Star. Just scroll through their list of coupons and apply the ones you want! It couldn’t be easier. 

Buy in Bulk

If you have access to a Sam’s Club or a Costco, essentials like butter and eggs are often cheaper in large quantities. With all that baking you’ll be doing in December, it certainly won’t go to waste! If there are great deals on other nonperishable items you might need, stock up on those too. 

Make it a Potluck 

Have friends or family bring an appetizer, side dish or dessert and you’ll only have to worry about the bird! They’ll feel special contrbuting to the meal and you’ll also have less tempting leftovers. Alcohol can also add a hefty amount to your bill, so maybe suggest they bring a couple bottles of wine instead!

How do you save money on Thanksgiving?

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