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10 Cheap Date Night Ideas for A Tight Budget

Every weekend it’s the same thing:  “What do you want to do?”  “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” And it’s even worse when you and your guy are feeling a little low on funds right? It sometimes feels like there’s nothing to do that doesn’t require money — and there are only so many times you can just hang out with your DVR and Chinese takeout. Well, you don’t have to have that endless conversation for awhile, because I found some fun and cheap date nights that won’t break the bank. Have fun!

Cheap Romantic Date Night Ideas

1. Pick a Theme

Switch up the classic dinner and a movie at home by choosing a theme. Think junk-food galore for Project X and ballpark style dogs for Moneyball. Picking a favorite movie is an easy way to decide what’s for dinner.

2. Pub Crawl

A personal favorite of mine. Hit up a few of your favorite bars, or even better, ones you have yet to visit, that are in the same vicinity. Try just one cocktail at each before moving on to the next. Consider grabbing an appetizer at one of your stops, just so you’re not drinking on an empty stomach. I love exploring new places with my beau and testing out different cocktails.

3. Camping

What’s cozier than a sleeping bag for two? This is a great group date idea. Gather some friends and head out into the wilderness for a night or two, it won’t be that bad with good company. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse for s’mores. Bonus points if you turn off your iPhones for the entire trip, too.

4. Sweat Sesh

Skip the gym and take exercise outdoors. Take a lap around the park or meet some friends for a pick-up basketball game. You two can even train for a 5K together; it’s a lot easier to meet your goals with someone cheering you on.

5. Old School Field Trip

Visit your local museums and other sightseeing attractions. Not only will you learn a little more about your city, but you’ll gain some culture and quality time with your significant other. Don’t forget, many museums offer free admission during certain hours or nights.

6. Make it a Lunch Date

Dying to try out that swanky new restaurant, but it’s just a bit out of your budget? Try dining there for lunch instead. The portions are friendlier for your waist and your wallet. Plus, a lunch date is a special way to break up the monotony of a usual workday.

7. Amusement Park

This one might get expensive, but many amusement parks like Kings Island often offer discounts, so jump on the opportunity then. Embarrassingly, my first experience at a theme park was terrible because I was too short for half the rides. So, I’d definitely enjoy it more now that I’m older (and taller!) Bringing a companion gives you someone to grab onto during the adrenaline-pumping roller coasters and to pass time with during the notoriously long lines.

8. Volunteer

There are endless ways to volunteer your time. My city constantly has Habitat for Humanity opportunities and several soup kitchens to volunteer at. Volunteering together is a great bonding activity that will without a doubt bring the two of you closer. And more importantly, you’ll be helping others, too.

9. Free Concerts

Take advantage of what your city has to offer for free or next to nothing. Here in Cincinnati, we have Party in the Park and Self Diploma’s Summer Concert series, both at no charge. Read up your local newspapers to discover what budget-friendly options your city has to offer.

10. In-Store Seminars

Did you know quite a few of the stores you often visit hold complimentary seminars? Hit up Williams-Sonoma for a cooking class or try Home Depot to brush up on your DIY-er skills. These are all free of charge, but beware what you might spend after you’ve been inspired.

Article inspired by: {The Nest}

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