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5 Gifts For A Single Woman She Will Love

Gifts For A Single Girl

I have been single for a much shorter period in my life than I have been married. I will be honest; I do not make the best single woman. I was just made to be in a partnership rather than be on my own. That being said, both my sisters

10 Funky Craft Ideas Made With Felt Balls

funky crafts

"Felt Balls?  What do you use them for then ?" That's what I hear every time someone asks me what our most popular product is.  And if you're a little unsure what you can use felt balls for, then here are our top 10 favorite uses for them. Funky Jewelry Think bobble bracelets

A Pretty yet Practical Gift for Mom

A Pretty yet Practical Gift for Mom

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and it’s time to think of the perfect gift for the mom in your life. A wallet is one of the most important accessories a woman can own – after all, she’ll use it multiple times a day, every single day. 594