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10 Best Gifts to Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

We don’t know where we’d be without our moms, so we’re excited to celebrate their holiday this year. We’ll be starting out with a delicious brunch and then spending the day relaxing with her. Choosing the best gifts to get your mom shouldn’t be tough, so take a look at our suggestions for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

Top-10 Perfect Gifts for Mom

1. Photo collage or book

Most moms are all about being sentimental, so she’ll love a new photo collage or photo book in her home. If you can, sneak into the house and take some of her old photos to incorporate into the collage. She’ll be very impressed if you give her a gift with old photos of her and her mother as well. 

2. Cookbook

If your Mom loves to cook, get her a new cookbook so she can mix up her regular meal routine. I’m a huge fan of Ina Garten, her recipes are simple, yet elegant and most mom’s can relate to her. Her most recent book, Foolproof Recipes, is a safe bet. 

3. Tub caddy

If your mom is anything like mine, she loves to soak in the tub. Buy her a nice tub caddy that can hold anything she needs while relaxing in some bubbles after a long day. Maybe even buy her some bubble bath and a new book to go with! Bonus points if you set it all up and then bring her in the bathroom to show her. 

4. Perfume

Most moms are pretty loyal to their scent, but would gladly try something new if only someone chose it for them. Go for a classic scent you can trust like Chanel No. 5. She’ll feel like a whole new woman next time she goes out. 

5. Candles

There are so many amazing candle shops these days that can make your house look and smell amazing. I’m recently obsessed with Diptyque. Their candles smell amazing and their French packaging is so chic. 

6. Spa package

No woman I know has ever been unhappy with a massage and mani/pedi. This gift may seem ordinary, but it never goes unappreciated. If you can afford it, splurge for a little pampering for yourself and go with her to the spa. She’ll probably love the company and the opportunity to spend a little extra time with you. 

7. Skin Care Kit

Spending the money to try new skin care products often seems like a chore. Grab Mom a full skin care kit so she can try a whole new brand. We love everything by Philosophy and they have great sets like the Miracle Worker Kit that your Mom will fall in love with.

8. Flowers

If you’re short on time, flowers are always the perfect last minute go-to. Choose bright and colorful spring flowers to brighten up her home and make her think of you every time she sees them. 

9. Gift certificate for a project help

If your mom lives alone, she might need an extra hand to help around the house every once in awhile. Do you remember her talking of cleaning out the garage/attic/basement? Give her a “gift certificate” for a day of your time helping with a much-needed home project. She’ll really love it because it means more time spent with you. 

10. Wine or liquor

What’s your Mom’s favourite drink? Get her a couple bottles of her favorite wine and a couple cute wine toppers or even a wine travel bag (ideal for picnics). If she’s more of a liquor gal, find a new brand for her to try and get her a new cocktail shaker.

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