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The Plan for Christmas: Your Blueprint to Festive Bliss!

Christmas is the one day of the year when everyone can kick back and enjoy themselves with their friends and family. People celebrate Xmas in different ways, but most will be celebrating with 4 main components: cards, presents, food, and fun. Planning all of these, especially on your own, can be a very testing time. You want to make sure everyone has a great time and that nothing and no one is left out. So what can you do to make sure you’ve got everything all planned out?


Christmas Cards: Choosing and Personalizing

There are plenty of choices when it comes to giving out Christmas cards. You can buy some in a shop, buy them online, or you can make them yourself.

Christmas Cards

Buying a huge pack of cards is good if you don’t really have time or money to personalize them.

You can get packs of cards from almost anywhere.

Personalizing cards either online or by hand: by hand is more thoughtful, but online is much faster and can be cheaper.

Most online card companies will actually send the card out themselves so you don’t have to, saving you from hundreds of envelopes and stamps!

Presents: Planning Ahead for Savings and Less Stress

The best way to plan your presents is to start thinking about them in January. It may sound silly, but actually planning this far ahead can save you a lot of money and stress.


Keep your eye out when you’re shopping throughout the year. Buying presents here or there means you can have your shopping done well in advance of Xmas day. This gives you more time to get on with other planning, avoiding overwhelming anxiety.

Planning ahead also saves you from cashing out one huge lump sum at the end of the year, which is far more financially beneficial.

Dinner: Organizing the Feast

This is possibly the most mind-bending part of all Christmas planning. You have to know exactly who is cooking and where, but you also need to make sure you have enough food to feed everyone.

Create a list of the people coming to your Christmas dinner with information about their dietary preferences. This way you can avoid getting too much of something most people won’t eat or not enough of what people will eat.

Pre-plan cooking times, possibly starting on some of the food the night before and giving it a quick blast in the oven on the day itself.

Activities: Adding Fun to the Festivities

No Xmas is complete without some good old-fashioned fun! Make sure you have plenty of activities planned for your guests for before and after the meal.


Before the meal is the best time to not only open presents but also to have more movement-based activities.

Playing motion games on a console or playing outside in the snow (if there is any) is a good way to burn some calories before you have Christmas dinner.

After the dinner, opt for less movement-based activities, such as memory games or card-based games. Classic board games such as Monopoly or Game of Life are also excellent choices.


In conclusion, planning a memorable Christmas celebration involves meticulous attention to each component: cards, presents, dinner, and activities. Whether choosing cards, organizing presents, preparing the feast, or arranging activities, a thoughtful approach ensures a joyous and stress-free holiday for everyone involved. Embrace the magic of Christmas planning, and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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