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9 Reasons Why Men Prefer Feisty Women

First, let’s figure out what it means for a woman to be feisty. Naturally, they are all tough broads for historical reasons: they needed to get ahead in what was largely a man’s business in the first half of the twentieth century, like photography, or banking. Several had difficult childhoods that made them crave independence from an early age.

Below are a few reasons why men prefer a feisty woman. Let’s start our discussion.

feisty woman

1. She Gives Him Space

When you are in a relationship, you and your partner must communicate frequently. The problem however is that most ladies are usually too clingy and they will spend every minute of their life texting and calling you. Feisty women do not do this and they give their men some space.

2. She is Honest

The reason why your girlfriends are probably giving you bad advice is because they are weak and do not want to upset you. A feisty woman will tell you the truth even if it hurts and men appreciate this.

3. She Is Strong

Men really like strong and opinionated women. A woman who will keep him in check and give him emotional support when he needs it is the ideal lady for any man.

4. She Is Imaginative

A feisty woman knows what she wants and she also wants to be pleased. In the bedroom, she will suggest new ideas and she will tell you what she wants and what she doesn’t want. Women tend to let men do all the thinking in the bedroom. They would appreciate a woman giving ideas on new things that they can try out.

5. She Pursues Her Own Interests

A feisty woman is interested in pursuing other things outside the relationship. The fact that she is interested in other things means that she has a life and that will make her more interesting.

6. She Is Smart

Feisty women are usually very smart and intelligent. They will help come up with solutions and men appreciate this since they have to be the ones to solve every single issue that they encounter.

7. She Won’t Blackmail Him With Sex

One thing that most men hate is having to beg for sex when you are in a relationship. This is a complete turn-off and their interest in the partner will eventually die off. A feisty woman knows that her partner has to be satisfied sexually and she will do that.

8. She Is Not Too Materialistic

We all don’t like people who are too materialistic. We term them as shallow. If you really want to get your ex-girlfriend back then you may have to stop being too materialistic and show her that you have changed.

9. She Will Not Cause A Scene In Public

Some women just love attention. They will pick up fights almost anywhere there is an audience. A feisty woman will scold you but she will do it in dignity and away from the public thus earning the respect of her man.

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