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Workout Wednesday: Post-Breakup Body Revenge Workout

Spring and summer are unfortunately the most risky seasons for relationship breakups. Regardless of who is right or wrong, breakups make you feel a little empty. There is a good explanation as to why you feel this way. Being in love is like being on drugs because your mind is flooded with chemicals such as: dopamine, serotonin, neuroepeniphrine, adrenaline and phenylethylamine. If that “love” is ripped from your arms suddenly by a red dress and high heels, you are going to hit a pretty crazy withdrawal. Sometimes you can even experience physical pain from the withdrawal symptoms of a broken heart.

So, what’s the answer? You need to stimulate your mind in some way that produces the chemicals your brain is craving. There are lots of ways to do this, but the best way is through exercise. When you do intense exercise your brain releases endorphins, causing a flood of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, creating a feeling of euphoria. You are also doing something amazing for your body, so you have the added feeling of accomplishment.

Now that you have a temporary fix, we can talk about continuing the healing process. You want to avoid extreme reactions to flashbacks of your ex, such as slashing his tires or leaving him drunken messages at two in the morning. This will only make things worse for you, I promise. Instead, try setting new goals for your revenge body, even though it is a real challenge for you. Have an end goal in mind and a few smaller goals that are quickly attainable. This will keep you motivated along the way. Keep your diet in check, but don’t be hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon, simply get back on with your next meal. Force yourself to get outdoors, playing sports, running, biking or hiking. It is summer after all!

When you do hit the gym, get off the machines and do something vigorous. The more intense your exercise the more endorphins you will release. Today’s Workout Wednesday is an example of a very physical workout that will leave you feeling amazing about yourself while also toning your body and burning calories like crazy!

The Warm Up: 1X

Jump Rope Feet Together 300 Jumps

Right Leg 100 Jumps

Left Leg 100 Jumps

High Knees 100 Jumps

High Knees 100 Jumps (if you can’t quite get the High Knee Jumps with the rope do them without the rope)

Plank Sit Through 50 total 25 each side

Ski Jumps

Ski Jumps 100 total 50 each side

The Workout: 2-3X

50 Double Rope Swings

50 Double Rope Swings

20 Clean Squat Presses

100 Alternating Rope Swings

20 Push Up Single Arm Row to Presses Each Side

20 Push Up Single Arm Row to Presses Each Side

50 Bent Over Double Rope Swing

50 Bent Over Double Rope Swing

20 Lunge Curl Presses Each Side

Core: 1X

50-100 Toe Touch Crunches

30 Single Leg Toe Touches each side

30 Side Crunches each side

Special thanks to Jeffrey Waters for shooting the photos for this week, as well as the lovely model Laura Varney!


David Waters is the go to personal trainer in LA for fast results in weight loss, strength training, nutritional coaching, kick boxing and self defense training. He is also a pro mma fighter. Learn more about him on Facebook, Twitter.

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