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A Real Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands

I don’t know about you, but I think divorce is just so inconvenient. You know, breaking up a marriage, spending tons of money and time figuring out the legal details, then going your separate ways…all with the added mess of heartbreak and without the comfort of room service. Unless of

Icelandic Nightlife Tips (or When The Party Gets Started)

Iceland Nightlife

It's almost as complicated as it sounds… Head downtown on a Tuesday night looking for some of that infamous Icelandic party spirit, and you will surely be disappointed. Not a broken bottle or twenty-meter queue in sight. You see, most locals would consider going out during the week to be a complete waste of time, as they can’t stay

Texas Mule Cocktail Recipe

Texas Mule Cocktail

By now we all know about the Moscow Mule…that ice cold cocktail served in a copper mug with the bite of ginger and a brisk taste of lime. But today I give you the Texas Mule. If you Google ‘Texas Mule’ you’ll probably find a Moscow Mule made with Tito’s vodka

Thank God It’s Friday: 4 Things to Do this Weekend

Hey, ladies! Happy Friday (and almost weekend) ! We know we’re not the only ones counting down the hours to the end of the work day. This was just one of those weeks that stretched on forever, so I’m really looking forward to having some downtime and just plain relaxing