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What to Wear on 4th of July: 4 Outfit Tips

Looking for some fashionable ways to rock the red, white, and blue? Create a fireworks-worthy 4-th of July outfit with these four tips.

What to Wear on 4th of July: 4 Outfit Tips

  1. Pledge Allegiance to Patterns

    Take a cue from our flag and flaunt stars and stripes (or even polka dots)! From color-blocked styles to classic sailor stripes to actual American-flag-inspired pieces, patterns punch up your look in an instant.

  2. Spangle Yourself With Colorful Accessories

    Shoes, belts, scarves, bags, and statement necklaces are an easy way to work red, white, and blue into your look. For sparkler-caliber twinkle, add a piece of metallic jewelry.

  3. Feel Free to Play With Shades

    Red, white, and blue may be the textbook 4th of July colors, but why not expand the spectrum? Turquoise and coral are just as festive, perfect for summer, and will stand out at any parade, BBQ, or beach bash.

  4. Make a Bang With Basics

    Classic blue jeans, crisp white cotton, flirty red dresses—these are just a few examples of basics you might already have that make a festive foundation for an Independence Day outfit. Use the tips above to finish your look, and you’ll be 4th-of-July perfect.


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