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6 Fun Graphic Design Jobs for Women to Consider

Whether you have a degree in graphic design or you have an amazing portfolio and are trying to pursue a career in the field, there are several great options. Unlike many other fields, graphic design is growing and continuing to have a presence in the workforce. Consider some of the following design jobs that are available around the country.

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1. Package Design

If you’re interested in print design, consider getting into package design. This job is basically what it sounds like. Designers who pursue a career in package design work in a few different fields. When you take a look at your soda bottle, you’re looking at the work that a package designer created. In addition, boxes for toys, food, and more have all been designed by those working in this field. If you excel at putting together photos, text, and label information, this may be the job you’ve been looking for.

2. Brand Design

This is the perfect job for those who love to come up with new designs. A brand designer is the person who designs the logo and other branding pieces for companies. While some brand designers work with new companies, others work with companies that are already established. There is a difference between the two. When working with a new company, it’s important to be able to come up with fresh, new ideas. When working with a company that is already established, you may have to design something new, but you’ll most likely be working with already existing branding.

3. Front-End Web Design

The job that many designers think of when going into the field is front-end web design. People with this job are the ones who work to create the websites you see every day. They put together the design, make decisions on color and font, and more. Everything that you see on a web page has been put together by a front-end web designer. In many cases, these designers are working with information and details put together by the client. However, most front-end web designers also get creative licenses to ensure the site looks its best.

4. Print Publication Design

Whether you’re putting together a magazine or ensuring that a store catalog looks perfect, there are many design jobs for print publication. These designers work on many mediums, including the actual print designs, convertible laptops, and desktop computers to ensure that the design looks perfect when it is printed out. Today, these also need to look good online, so women who are working in print publications also need to have a working knowledge of web layout. In some cases, these may be two separate jobs at one company, but not always.

5. Game Design

Have you ever played a video game and taken more time to admire the design of the world and the characters in it than the game itself? If so, a game design might be right up your alley. When working in game design, you will be the one creating the graphics for a variety of different game types. There are game studios all over the world looking for great designers for their new games. No matter what your favorite type of game is, there are several options out there.

6. App Design

If you want to get in on the smartphone and tablet market, consider looking into app design. With app design, it is the most efficient use of your time and energy if you already know a little programming as well. Knowing a programming language is a benefit to any type of digital design, but especially so with apps. This is because in many cases, there are not going to be several people working on the app – you may be the only designer on it at all. Knowing the language that the app is programmed in can help you create the app.

There are a lot of great job options out there for designers. It all comes down to what you want to do with your graphic design career. Whether you’re into print or digital, companies are looking for designers like you.

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