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Cheap DIY Chevron Art Ideas

I’ve had this project done and hanging on my wall for at least 6 weeks. I don’t know what is wrong with me being so behind on blogging. I’m becoming a little lazy and letting my life just be life. I’m slooooooowly getting my house decorated in what I think is my actual style…for the moment. (snickering as husband rolls eyes)

I was on one of my crafty blogs, sorry I forgot who, but then it linked me to Jess and she has amazing ideas!

Cheap DIY Chevron Art 1

Cheap DIY Chevron Art - 2

Now I did a close up of the Canvas because my table is a hideous work in progress. And I know my apartment white walls are gross, but at least this metallic paint livened it up a bit. I have a couple more projects in line. One is done but not painted, one is still being finished, one that I just need to post, and one that I haven’t figured out where to put. I’ve just been on a roll with doing these cheap projects.

These canvases I got at Hobby Lobby for 30% off. I think they’re 16×20 and they come two in a pack. So I paid $14 for them and still have an extra canvas I can find a use for later. I already have a pleathera of blue painters tape at home, and this brown metallic paint I had as well from all of my painting days. I admit though that my perfectionist self had to go back over each one and touch up with white. Actually I still don’t think I’ve sealed them since I think one needs a touch up on the side…LOL! I’ll get around to it.

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