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DIY Invitations Ideas for Any Occasion

DIY invitations not only add a personal touch to your events, but also give your guests a memorable keepsake! DIY party printables can be fun and stylish and simplify your party preparations! Homemade invitation do not require any special knowledge. All you need is a little free time, some motivation and a dash of creativity. Moreover, DIY invitations can save you significantly on the budget, especially when it comes to wedding planning. Thanks to the Internet, there are several resources and tutorials which can guide you on how to make your own couture and handmade wedding invitations, fun and crafty birthday invitations for kids or adorable baby shower or holiday invitations. Just make sure to stock up on your printer ink!

DIY Invitation Ideas For Any Occasion

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Wedding day

These ready-to-use cheerful invitation designs offer your guests a little sneak peek into the celebrations that they’re about to be a part of. Many invitation templates are fully customizable and super-affordable. For a modern DIY loving bride, handmade wedding invitations are a boon. There has never been a better reason to make DIY invites than your own wedding. Creating your own invitations for your wedding day gives you a great opportunity to unleash your creative side and obviously saves a fortune. You can create DIY pocketfolds, pochettes, layered cards or simply go for a free printable wedding invitation. Possibilities are virtually limitless!


Making your own birthday invitations is not only budget friendly, but it also makes for a creative and fun craft activity for the whole family! Let the birthday girl or boy’s show their true creative colors and give them a birthday they will never forget with a one of a kind and personalized handmade birthday invitations. You can easily set the theme for your birthday party as you can customize your invites as much as you want.

Baby shower

For a baby shower, creating handmade items with a personal touch is a true testament to the sentimentality of the moment. If you’re a friend or family member throwing a shower for someone, then DIY baby shower invitations become even more special. Most of the moms-to-be appreciate the gesture and would most likely keep the invitation for their scrapbook or photo album.


Homemade invites are a great way to add a unique touch to any party. There are several online shops where you can start your search for supplies. You can find literally infinite digital patterns, free invitation suites, templates, and tutorials guiding you on how to make DIY invitations from the scratch. All you have to do is mix and match ideas, colors, papers and themes and completely make them your own! Homemade invitations not only give your guests a fun first impression by inviting them in style, but also make for a lovely souvenir after the party is over.

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