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Spring Fashion Essentials: Reflector Sunglasses

A few things I love about reflector sunglasses: they are a throwback to the 80’s, they photograph amazingly, and they look just as good dressed up as they do dressed down. So there you have it, three reasons to go out and buy a pair. Need a fourth? They look bad-ass in the most bad-ass kind of way. They are the ultimate statement accessory.

Reflector Sunglasses


Gabrielle, a self-professed fashion junkie, and the blogger behind Resort Rock Sugar  leads a dual life. Quite paradoxically, she spends her days in a downtown highrise office building as a busy civil litigation attorney, but you wouldn’t guess it if you peeked inside her closet. There you would find everything from fringe tank tops to short leather mini dresses, essentially nothing she can wear to her 9 to 5, err, 8 to 8 job. On the weekends, when she isn’t discovering hot new designers whilst hitting up her favorite shopping haunts in LA, or taking in the brilliant fashion that is LA’s scenester crowd, she is documenting it all via her blog, and probably from a prime seat at the Coffee Bean on the corner of Beverly and Robertson, because in LA all you need to do is step outside to get a little fashion inspiration. 

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