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Thank God It’s Friday: 4 Things to Do this Weekend

TGIF: 4 Things to Do this Weekend

Hey, ladies! Happy Friday (and almost weekend) ! We know we’re not the only ones counting down the hours to the end of the work day. This was just one of those weeks that stretched on forever, so I’m really looking forward to having some downtime and just plain relaxing this weekend. And, of course, using the Super Bowl game as an excuse to check out some hot football players.

Do: Get Fit

Counteract what you know is going to be a carbfest on Sunday with an extra workout on Saturday. Usually, I skip the gym on Saturdays, but try to incorporate some exercise into your day, whether it’s taking Fido for an extra-long walk, or trying a new hot yoga class, you’ll feel amazing after giving your body a little extra attention. Or try out some new moves to blast that dreaded armpit fat we all hate.

Don’t: Be Rude

Have you ever been offended by someone only to realize they probably had no idea their behavior was rude? Sure, none of us are perfect, but taking note of the little things we do that can easily be misinterpreted as offensive is a great idea. Check out this list  by Ellen Ericson, a certified business etiquette consultant, to get started. I especially love the note about interacting with the actual human beings around you instead of your phone!

Do: Keep in Touch

Are you dealing with a LDR? Long distance relationships are hard, but love is always worth it! Since you probably don’t have the time or budget to fly out to see your man every week, technology can play a huge role to keep the flame burning strong. Try these 5 virtual ways to maintain that long distance love.

Do: Protect those Peepers

Crow’s feet are the worst, but you have the power to fight them! Start an anti-aging regimen this weekend to reduce wrinkles, so the focus is on your pretty eyes and not the lines. My favorite tip? Rock those oversized shades to fight off sun damage. Read our 7 other great tips, here .

What are your weekend plans? Whatever you do, we hope it’s fabulous!

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