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Staycation East Dallas/East Texas

Staycation East Dallas/East Texas

Have fun on YOUR Staycation for cheap or free!!

I live east of Dallas, Texas.  I also love to do cheap things with my kids.  Who doesn’t, right?  So, of course, this year we’re doing a staycation during our summer break.  There are tons of things to do and I wanted to highlight some of the stuff closest to us that you have to check out!!

AMF Bowling – Garland Lanes (other locations as well) **FREE for kids

Free bowling for kids all summer long! Kids registered in the Summer Unplugged program can bowl two games per day, every day, all summer long!
(Shoe rental not included.)

Surf and Swim – Garland

This is a smaller water park.  It has a playground for smaller children and a large beach entry wave pool for the bigger kids and adults.  It has grass areas for picnics and play.  You can also rent out areas for a party.
(I’m pretty sure my 4-year-old will be having his birthday party here!-Great prices!!!)

Forney Community Park **Free

This park is awesome!! It’s got so many things to do….and it’s all free!!

  • Family Recreation Area – 2 sand volleyball courts, 2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, an area for playing horseshoes, a splash pad (open in summer), playground equipment, and a Pavilion.
  • Softball Complex – 4 softball fields, Pink Elephant Concession area and playground equipment
  • Soccer Complex – 12 soccer fields for ages 10 and under with covered seating and the Barn Concession area

East Texas Gators and Wildlife Park- Canton

This is so cool and I cannot wait to take my kids!  They have real live Alligators from hatchlings to over 13 feet!! They also rocked walkways. an air-conditioned Welcome Center, Bounce House, Concession/Grill, Mister fans, covered Pavilions with picnic tables and shade.  They also have a rehab permit that allows us to rescue baby raccoons, baby possums, and baby squirrels, we nurture, love, and prepare them to be released back into the wild!  How cool is that?

Caldwell Zoo- Tyler

This zoo is so amazing for different reasons.  First, it has habitats and animals from North/South America and Africa.  It also has this awesome “Wild Bird Walkabout”.  It houses around 600 birds and you can buy a feed stick to feed them, and they’ll fly to you.  I’m sorry, but that’s pretty awesome for my boys!  Also, the Africa Safari has all of the African animals together so you can see them interact.  You can get a lot closer and see the animals better in this zoo since it’s not as big as the Dallas zoo.

Brookshire’s World of Wildlife Museum – Tyler **FREE

They have over 450 animals on display from various regions of the world, with emphasis on African and North American animals.  Here you’re able to see animals up closer that you and your kids would probably never get to see in your lifetime.  My daughter loved the large Polar Bear the most.  It’s a great time and very cool to check out all of the different types of animals.

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